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Average size bath remodel - should be fairly simple.Nope - Nothing short of a fiasco and a nightmare. You're fed a bill of goods about how Lowe's stands behind their products and customers. They really do not. They are trained to say "I fully understand how you feel" and "I apologize for any inconvenience". But if they never cure the problems, these are empty words spoken by robots. They trip over themselves trying to manage a project. Their...
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I like the other customers contracted a bathroom improvement from Lowe's. The date this project started was in January 2016 and April was the finishing date. Well it is May 2 and my bathroom has mixed matched cabinet doors and fronts despite the fact I payed for custom built cabinets. Shower and tub plumbing is still not complete. Glass shower is not installed and something as simple as painting has not yet been done. I don't know when this...
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last week I was looking for help with floor tile for my bathroom I seen this young woman named trish . new hire from home depot . she was very helpful and was very kind took time to show m where things were in the store store is in Leominster mass. ps u did a good thing hireing her in the past I have neede help also and got it. to dy was no exception I think the young man name was Nathen no one was around to cut window shades for me he took...
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I am very dissatisfied with Lowes on the beginning of our bathroom renovation. It took forever for the "design" to be finalized; there was supposed to be calls made to us before the product was delivered to our home; no calls were made. My husband and I had to call Lowes so that they could contact their 3rd party shipper. Lowes made a big deal about this great pre-construction meeting that they have with 2 of their folks and the contractor,...
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Lowe's Howell NJ contracted for bathroom redo at $18000. Contractor was Premier Design Concept Jackson NJ. It was poorly planned by Lowe's, poorly project managed and poorly executed by all of Premier Design's workman, e.g. plumber put faucets on backwards, electrician brought wrong material, and construction crew did not leave a straight wall for the shower door. Lowe' s ordered shower door without towel rack and it took BASCO (shower door...
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Anonymous I'm having the same problem - same location, but different subcontractors through Lowe's. No time management skills, no follow up, no communication, poor planning and schedul...

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  • Poor service poorly planning and poor execution