Port Aransas, Texas
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I am working out if town and went to Lowe's in Aransas Pass. My battery charger went out this morning I bought it 11-29-13.

A complete set. Working out of town u do not keep your recites with you. And all the lady said was my manager said with out a recite we can not help you. Let me drive 4 hours to get a recite and get a return.

No but I know my company will not do business with Lowe's any more.

Thanks for opening my eyes and by the way one of my employees went the day before and they replaced his with out a recite. O well thanks Mcoys for helping me out with my New dewalt set and the discount.So I guess if you do have Lowe's tools and u work out of town make sure you take all your recites with you or they will not help you at all.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Get a MyLowes card, it keeps track of all your puchases


Wake up! With the amount of dishonesty in the world today more and more retail stores are requiring RECEIPTS for returns or exchanges.

If you expect a store in the area you are working in to exchange or replace work tools slip your receipt in a plastic sandwich bag to help keep it clean and put it in your tool box or bag.

That way you'll have it if needed. You will also find that many tool warranties call for repair, not replacement and the tool may need to be sent to a service center for repair.


Anonymous okay good thing about the new tools these days is that the items are stamped with the date they are made. And I found that out when intent to corpus Christi and got it exchanged.

And being a. Boilermaker I really not carry all my recites with me on all my tools.