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:roll I'm reading everywhere that this is happening. I bought the appliance suite on black friday and again they called the day before to let me know the fridge would'nt be coming until February!...really?.

Soooooo we're going to use an ice chest for a fridge and why in the heck you're just telling me the day before delivery. It was in stock the day I purchased it, supposedly put on hold until I was ready for it to be delivered. The store manager felt I could just buy another ( what the ***...who cares)..I ask for something other than an ice chest, since we don't have ANY appliances to begin they said they will send a top freezer loaner fridge (probably white) to match my stainless steel..and dead smack before Christmas too!!..HO HO HO..I almost despise them at this point. I still have to make payments on something I don't have :x..If anyone have had to renovate a home then you'll know my stress level is a 1,000 and now this!..I called the main customer service cause I'm not letting this go.

I honestly believe my fridge on hold was sold to someone else.

If I don't here from the senior manager as told, then BBB will be next. This is soooo unacceptable!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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We bought a washer and dryer on Black Friday weekend, and were scheduled for delivery in two weeks. We tore apart our laundry closet in preparation.

On our delivery day I called to confirm the delivery time because we had not received a call. They said too many were sold and they are having trouble getting the washer, but it would arrive before Christmas. Then we were rescheduled for delivery on January 10th. Today we called to make sure the delivery would really happen.

Now they say the washer won't arrive until February...hopefully. What? They still can't tell us when we'll get the washer and dryer, even though we have had to make payments on items we don't even have. I understand how this happened, but the customer service has been lacking here.

No excuse for them not letting us know the deliveries had been cancelled. If no washer by February we will be cancelling the purchase.


It is quite obvious that the employees of Lowes are not doing their job. Once an item is ordered, it is up to the specialist to follow up with the vendors to make sure that the item is on order, being processed and shipped.

They are also responsible for recording this info in the computer so when a customer calls up to get an update , customer service can give it to them. The specialist from that specific department, shyould also keep the customer updated.


We bought a samsung 4 door on black friday and was told it would be at our house by the 20th of December. Well the 22nd rolled around with no word so I went to the store to ask about what was going on and was told they didnt know when I would get the fridge.

A week later with still no word I go back in the store to inquire about the fridge and was told I would recieve it by middle of Feb.

I'm more than mad as this was my wife's xmas present. I could have bought the fridge at best buy as it was in stock two weeks after black friday.


First of all pretty sure when u was sold those appliances..that store was already in the negative....since friday was set an extra 2.5 weeks early. i can also assume that you was told that info and u said it was ok to wait.

if u have zero appliances and u buy a good deal like u did..did u really think you are the only person on the like that come once a year and its not set up to buy and get it right away. we are not talking about tvs here. everyone was buying the same product. if u get a white loaner..who cares as long as its working properly...have patience...the real ones who lost are the actual salespeople.

they work hars to sell you the product expecting the company to back up their word...then they sell it..and get a email a week before xmas telling them..hey we r sorry but it wont come in till feb and u will pretty much lose everything u sold because there arent any direct replacements so offer them product b..fir the same price..but u lose your commission and take all the criticism of being the bad guy.

so excuse me if u have to wait a lil whike for your product. while u r whining about not getting your new toys for over here trying to feed muy family off of half of.a.check lowes promotion!


I understand your frustration with not having your refrigerator delivered when it was expected. Take a few minutes and breathe deeply.

These appliance sales on Black Friday are loss leaders. Low's loses money on these deeply discounted appliances, though I'm sure some folks wouldn't believe that. Despite that, most stores sell quantities well beyond what they have on hand in order to satisfy public demand. When this happens, there is a lag time while the manufacturers catch up with the backlog. No system of predicting future sales is perfect, so there are delays all around.

I would find it perfectly reasonable for you to ask what happened to the one that was supposed to be on hold for you, but you may not like an honest answer. The way most of these stores operate, it is first come, first served. But that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the unit even if they had one when you purchased it.

For example. Your local store has 5 refrigerators when Black Friday rolls around. You buy the fifth (and last) refrigerator. When person #3's refrigerator is unboxed, severe concealed damage is discovered. So he or she gets person #4's refrigerator, and person #4 takes yours. from the store's point of view, the entire system is first come, first served, not "these other refrigerators are spoken for, so now the person who was third in line has to wait until the very end of the line.

Low's giving you a loaner refrigerator is beyond what they are obligated to do. So what if it's white, and your other appliances are stainless? Whatever they send will marked down and sold as used after you're done with it. If they sent you a $2,000 refrigerator, that would mean more of a loss. These companies are in business to make money, not increase losses to satisfy your sense of aesthetics.

You always have the option of getting a refund and buying something else that's in stock, but I have the feeling you want to wait for the nice refrigerator at a good price.

Finally, when you complain to Lowe's corporate number, the complaint just gets sent back to the local store to deal with. You don't actually gain anything. And I'm always amused by references to the Better Business Bureau. They don't actually hold any sway in complaints.

Good luck, though.