Saint Joseph, Missouri

will, not stand behind their mowers, within 2 years, I had to pay for service calls, the engine B&S problems they would NOT fix, the mower deck rollers all went out hundreds to replace, the transaxle slips, jerks, and will sometimes just not move the mower at all, and to begin with it had too small of air filter, which was up dated by B&S and now they know nothing of that, I have called them all several times, NO Help at all . 1800.00 for a piece of ""SH"" YTH2148 I also have two close friends whom has the same, and the extended service plan also suck ! Djames

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I finnaly found out what happend. They accidently sold my tractor as a returm item.

A diffent manager appologised and gave me a new tractor. All is well for now.


I bought a YTH2348 and after 13 hours on the hobbs meter which took 5 months it started to stall. I took to the store and they gave me a hasle and wanted $25min to repair.

They have had it for over a month and have not heard from them.

their service sucks and thair manager was rude. Royal Plam Beach Lowes FL.


Tell him about it!

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