Greensburg, Pennsylvania
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built a room adittion for a customer used all lowes products. everything bought from store was junk.

there lifetime warranty plwood delaminated, skylights were all messed up, there interior doors were junk went thru 11 doors to get 4 good ones, all the wood purchased twisted in the walls,shiongles that were purchased all had same dyelot they were different shades,this only gets better whenever there so called professional carpet layer came in totally destroyed all the walls and trim put so much pressure on carpet stretcher cracked the walls in five places.myself or the homeowners cant get no restitution from store. after 34 years in buisness im telling everyone tio stay the *** away from that store there rip offs. need to go back to the family owned buisnesses.

this has been going on for 1 and a half years now. god bless u if you buy from them you have been warned

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Dallas, Texas, United States #671705

Carpet so strong it can pull walls out? That's a product I wanna buy!


I assume you discussed this with the manager of the store and if no satisfaction, contacted corporate?? What did they say and do?

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