Mundelein, Illinois

At the night before the scheduled delivery date, I was given the delivery window between 7pm and 9pm. At November in Chicago area, the sunset time is around ~4:45pm. The delivery was for our newly purchased investment property (still in the middle of remodeling, need to use flash light in the dark, not safe for me to go there at night alone). I called Lowes and asked to reschedule my delivery to some other time while there are still daylight.

To my surprise, I was told there are no way to ensure my delivery will happen during the daylight time! If I want Saturday delivery, I will get a call on Friday night to find out the delivery window. If it's after dark again, I have to keep calling and reschedule for next Saturday, next Saturday, etc. until the automated phone message gives me a daylight delivery window. That could be next week, or next month, or next year...

This is the most ridiculous customer service I've ever experienced! He didn't want to try anything at all! It's none of his business if I get injured or robbed because of the night time delivery! The same person seemed very patient and professional when I was in store for shopping. But I don't think a good sales person can be lack of basic customer service skills like this.

I've purchased a lot from Lowes in the past 2 years while working on my several investment properties. I'll definitely try to avoid Lowes in the future. It's not worth my time and stress.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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After working at lowes for 12 years a lot of things have changed. Customer service is the big one.

The problem starts at the top and goes to the store level. Customer service is a thing of the past.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #373931

Go to Menards. They will schedule your delivery time frame at the time of your purchase and you will get a daytime delivery if that is what you want.

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