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Friend bought a washer and dryer at Lowes in Deland Fl. Used my Cell Phone as he did not have one.

Assured us that they would deliver before 12:00 next day. Took the cashier four times to get my cell phone number. Kept repeating the same wrong number while sales person Clay who assured us of delivery and other cashier watched laughing. Wrote out number and she then said got it right and repeated number I had written.

Next day called delivery manager and they could not find my order by phone number but did by name. Said it would be there by 12. Arrived at 3:30. Delivery person said tried to call us but no answer, showed us phone number on his bill and it was wrong number.

Only competent person was the delivery person who went out his way for set up. Would not buy anything from the store other then a pack of nails.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Other then the cashier that can't read, and a driver that cant drive. The rest of the store did fine.

Been there may time my self.

no hassle. and he who is with our error cast the first stone.