Richmond, Kentucky

You know after a number of years of buying at Lowes that ended over Christmas when they cut my card. They said for two late summer payments, I say it is because I continually paid my card and only a 48 dollar balance.

I have always paid my card and never missed a payment, late yes, twice. After Thousands they cut my credit, despite a 100% credit rating from the credit service they say did me in. They have lost my business and everyone I can tell. Home Depot here I come, and nevr again to lowes for anything.

This is not way to treat customers, especially good ones. Then they have the gall to say, We appreciate your businees.

How patronizing can they be. What a Joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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I also got a cancel account letter from Lowes. Before you start "***" on the original complaint in this string, Lowes is pulling some "shady" deals as well.

When Lowes or GE Finance or whoever runs their credit scam changes the way they send statements and doesn't inform customers so a $35 charge ends up as a canceled account this is bad business.

This canceled account then shows up in a credit report which affects future financial actions. Home Depot here I come.


Guess what Sharon not all of us have CASH flying out of our *** like you so most of us can't PAY CASH you freakin *** clown!!!!!


I actually work for lowes and its not us that cut cars, its GE money bank that goes through all the credit things. They sent us emails a couple months ago explaining because of the economy they were cutting back customers credit limits and cutting their cards, they gave no further explanation.


if we all paid in cash, this economy would crash and burn. most of our americans dont have the money to pay in cash thats why we have credit, to buy the wants and needs.

if all americans had the cash this country would have no debt, be more organized and learn how to speak to one another with respect. besides the only reason why you pay in cash, is the fact you cant get any credit


Wait this may be a shock to you and everyone else who has recently sunk our country into a debt filled recession..... when you don't pay your bills on time, like you signed up for when you filled out your application, you aren't holding up your end of the contract.

Why should they hold up their end and let you use their money to buy your stuff?

Pay your bills on time, quit being a whiner and do what those of us smart people do... PAY CASH ***!