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Lowe's Home Improvement was running a sale on granite counter tops. My wife and I made a decision to purchase and spent two hours helping our service rep draw up a rough sketch of our irregular shaped counters, including what they call a "bat wing" style with undermount sink.

We were told we would pick out a slab from the distributor's factory about 70 miles away. We both took off a day of work for this. Instead of "choosing" our slab, we were shown which slab we were getting, and asked if we wanted to spend money on upgrades like fancy edging.

Lowe's called us several (4-5) weeks later and said the company could not fulfill our order because they were "too booked up" from the great sale price. They handed off our order to another subcontractor in another major city an hour the other direction.

Again, we had to go choose our slab, and have a second tech come to the house to draw up a template (because the first company couldn't pass it along to the second company!). Now the second subcontractor has been out and measured, but now says they can't undermount the sink because they didn't template for it. The tech told me on site he could and would take care of the necessary measurements.

Now we're going on 5 months since initial order and still nothing to show for it. I am PISSED!

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That was helpful. After reading a lot of reviews about Lowe’s installs, I am thinking of going with someone else to install Lowe’s countertops we picked out.

Now I am considering not using them for the top at all. Yikes!


Same here. Our install was great, but our granite is gritty and always had a smeared look to it in spots as if you missed washing or drying it.We are stuck with it.

Advice to anyone buying the extra amount to make sure you have a real professional tobuy too quality granite. You won't get it at lowes.


I am having the same problem with Lowes. My kitchen reno was paid for on 9/13/16, it is 1/29/17 and my kitchen in not complete!

My cabinets were damaged 3 times, the cabinet installer left a large irregular whole in the cabinet underneath my sink, his excuse was that our water piped are irregular....... The granite company is 40miles from my home and it is not open on weekends so I must take a day off from work to select a granite slab. This was not explained to me when I made my purchase in Sept.

I will NEVER use this company again for any renovation because they do not adhere to the contracts and provide poor customer service and installation!!! GO TO HOME DEPOT!


I had lowes to install quartz counter top they sent out 5 star its a little over 2 years since then my counter top has opened at the seams and dropped and this week my undermount sink dropped down 3 inches and just hanging there ..... I looked under sink they did not use any mounts in the front of the sink just one on the back ...

it was not if my sink would fall it was when.. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH LOWES OR 5 STAR AGAIN


Anonymous mill.....just had lowes install counter tops..looks horrble.not a good layout have a huge glob of brown in center of my bar..many divits a crack on edge of bar and nickle size area on edge of bar they filled in with dark brown which isn't shinny like the rest of it and another chaulkie white area on edge of bar near wall...I don't think this is even the slab I picked looks just like the first one I rejected picked out another one and they called and gave me a story my slab was cracked and they let the sister slab go and sold..of course I did not believe that...most likely a contracter wanted made three trips to dallas to look at slabs now lowes will come look at my granite and I am sure the will have an excuse not to replace it....horrible service.....just wonder if these slabs are seconds?


At least they gave you something in return for your trouble. We had several months of fighting, calls and complaints to get what is right and what we paid for.

Our countertops were put in with broken pieces and chips galore. Plus the sink was not cut out the way we had discussed it. We finally had them come in and take them out after they refused to fix everything.

Lowes did give us back our money but that was it. I am still upset with the way they handled things and that I had to majorly fight for what is right.


Those with seam problems and other issues, try solid surface a more affordable solution then granite and its seamless. Beautiful stuff and non pores, virtually maintance free.


hahahahahahahahahah......solid surface really>? Hope you like scratches


I also paid for a countertop and had to wait and wait and excuses excuses and after it was installed, it did not fit, was chipped, wrong sized, two pieces. after much ado and getting corporate involved, they gave me some cash, some credit, but over 3500 on a *** lowes merch card.

I wanted a full refund so I could go elsewhere, but was told "lowe's policy"....

Still working on getting my money back thru corporate. hope you have better installers than me.


UPDATE: Okay, at the end of July we had a third subcontractor out of Cincinnati install our countertop. For the most part, this sub was excellent and went out of their way to see that every detail met our expectations.

The sink got undermounted. A Lowe's manager called me and offered a $400 gift card for my troubles, which I accepted. I heard from an installer that some customers received $500 gift cards, but that is hearsay.

Since the installation, I have spoken with independant kitchen remodelers who insist that the box stores are taking over their business yet not providing the quality control demanded by many consumers.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Cheap prices by big box stores are reflected in the delays and headaches that one generally doesn't get with higher priced, family owned businesses. Now that the counter top is installed, I have turned to a locally owned business to install under-cabinet lighting and tile backsplashes.

I recommend working with a contractor on an entire package (counter, backsplashes, lighting, cabinet needs, etc.) rather than piecing everything together with separate suppliers. Fortunately, everything is turning out okay after a long wait.


While your friends seam may look fine it may be on a stress point. You know what that means it will crack in two.

Rather have the countertop done right than have it look OK or FINE. You should do your research before you start complaining. You know what I say go to the local news station.

I don't think they really care about your countertop issue to be honest. I don't think they care how Lowe's does business either.


I am thinking about getting countertops installed by lowes, please let me know how it turned out.






Do you live in Michigan? We went to Lowes to order a new granite countertop in Michigan. We were told we had to wait 8 weeks. It turned out to be 10 weeks. They said they were backed-up because the granite was selling so well and that they now go through a new company Marble and Granite Works. We picked out our slab at the showroom and were told that the price of the slab that we picked out was on sale and that it would be less expensive. They said to go to Lowes and get a price adjustment. We went to Lowes and the guy told us that we wouldn't receive a price adjustment something about that the purchase order matched the pricing. We ended up paying more. We also had to pay more for a sink because the sink that the guy at Lowes was going to sell us was out of stock. So.......we waited 10 weeks and the installers came out today. We are PISSED. The installers said we will have 2 seams when we were supposed to only have one seam. One of the seams is just to the left of the sink (the counter isn't that long) and the other seam is also in a spot that will show-up. We were told that they don't put seams in the middle of the sink. I have friends who have theirs there and it looks just fine (not noticeable). When they templated our granite they should have told us that they would have to have 2 seams. I would have refused.

I sure hope Lowes makes this right because we refused installation. Now our kitchen is without a sink and countertop. If they don't make this right I will go to the news channel in our area to get it resolved. I've always been happy with Lowes. They are getting too big. They better honor their agreement and make our granite right.

I'll be posting again to let everyone know if this issue is resolved.