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I purchased a In Store Lowes Card from an individual in desperate need of money. The cash redemption machine inside a Giant Eagle Grocery Store wasn't working. The man told me he was a single farther and had his daughters in tow. Told me the machine wasn't working and needed money to buy them food. The Card value was $63.00 and the card redemption machine machine offered him $37.00. I confirmed the machines scanner was broken and he could not complete the transaction. I reviewed the card and the card says gave him the $37.00. I thought i was helping someone along with being frugal at the same time. My hopes was to start purchasing Lowes gift Cards each month to use towards the purchase of a new refrigerator.

Note: The card does state Non Transferable Id (may) be required for use. Disclaimer May be required. The women at the front counter told me that i purchased the card from someone who stole the merchandise from a Lowes Store and was returning the items to buy drugs. She called them tweeker's. I said to her. Your presuming that customers returning merchandise without a receipt are all drug users. I told her i return items all the time without receipts. She told me that they are watching me and that i to will be eventually cut off. I told her that i don't use drugs and asked who she thought she was to pass judgement on anyone. She told me that people that receive In store Credits resell them for cash to purchase crack. So i asked her when did Lowes become judge and jury and turning their backs on drug users. I was always thought to help out our fellow man. So if you help someone you get penalized. you cant use the credit and Lowes stuffs the unused credit into their pockets as profit. I'm guessing that i will not be purchasing my new refrigerator from Lowes. I've been remolding my 101 year old home and have spent a minimum of $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 in materials from Lowes over the past 8 years. Please excuse my unstructured sentences and spelling errors. I'm not as smart as the Lowes store employees at Lowes Brooklyn, Ohio 44144. However, the store manager Bill Micklos has been extremely accommodating in the past. In the mean time I'm taking my business to Home Depot also located in Brooklyn, Ohio and awaiting the opening of a new Menard's yet to be built. Help people don't punish them.


Mr. G Wolf Brooklyn, Ohio 44144

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Pros: Location, Convenience, Selection.

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i had the same thing happen to me. My son gave me a Lowes In Store credit/debit card.

My son returned merchandise without a receipt. lows said they would not give him cash but instead a Lowes In store credit/debit card. When i went to use it they asked for my drivers licence. Because my drivers licence number didn't match my sons i could not purchase my items.

I had to wait and go to the store with my son. I truly feel your pain and i to will no longer shop Lowes. Not everyone returning product without a receipt is a thief. I'm guessing less then !% of Lowes consumers are thief's.

And isn't this the job of loss prevention and in store security's job to catch the thief's.

They cashier made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I've taken my business back to the local Ace Hardware store and mom and pop stores where the owners know me.


This was not a stolen card. It was a Lowes debit card titled In Store Credit.

If a consumer returns a product such as a Birthday gift without a receipt you will receive a In Store Credit Card and not cash. This is nothing more then a cash cow for Lowes. And it prevents the merchandiser owner from selling his or her In Store Debit Card. A bit unreasonable to the consumer.

Because someone returns merchandise without a receipt shouldn't be labeled a thief. And shouldn't be accused of steeling merchandise. I agree with the cash cow ideology.

Another fortune 500 big brother move. Shop Menards.


Anomomous , your as bad as the Lowes office manager. You think everyone who returns merchandise without a receipt is a drug user and steels merchandise.


Its a Lowes In Store Credit . Lowes gave the previous owner who returned merchandise a Lowes in store debit card. This was not stolen merchandise buta store credit


You do know that receiving stolen property is a crime don't you? You just admitted to committing a crime against Lowe's and now you are pissed off at them? That's insane!


HUH? They don't want to use a stolen card and you are PISSED at THEM? What planet are you from?


Sorry if you miss understood. It was not a stolen credit card.

It was a Lowes In-Store Debit/Card for merchandise returned to Lowes with out a receipt. If you return an item at Lowes with out a receipt you are given a In Store Debit card. Only the person returning the merchandise can use the card. Lowes attaches the card to your drivers licence.

If you daughter ,son, friend or relative gave you the card you would not be able to use it. And no cashier or office manager should accuse any consumer of theft unless they can prove it. Seriously, i learned a lesson. i will always help someone in need.

However, i will never shop at a Lowes Store. Maybe you should buy something from Lowes and then take it back without a receipt. You will then be labeled the drugie and thief. Oh, and if you return too many items without a receipt.

Lowes will cut you off from returning any items. Have a nice day.


A lowes gift card looks different than a card issued for store credit when you return a product without a receipt. Yes, honest people who can't keep track of their receipts or otherwise prove they purchased the product will get these but so will the thieves who are returning stolen merchandise for credit.

Either way they are given to people who can't prove they actually paid for the product they returned. In a effort to discourage theft store credit is given, rather than a cash refund. Selling these cards to people like you defeats the purpose of the card. In essence you are giving them cash for a card they got for returning product they may not have paid for.

Good fo Lowes for not honoring the card without proper identification. We don't need people supporting thieves.