Browns Mills, New Jersey
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Lowes carpet install program stated that I need additional carpet due to door indentation. They would have to seam a 1 ft.

wide lenght. When they installed carpet the installer said it was not needed and installed with standard 12' wide carpet and seamed a 6"W x 30"L for door indentation. This resuled in 57"w x 11'6"L excess carpet besides normal excess pieces due to cuts. This cost me $148.72 in additional carpet purchase to inflate Lowes merchandise sales.

Lowes management would not make any adjustment for excess merchandise that resulted from their incorrect measure. NEVER BUY FROM LOWES !

Monetary Loss: $148.

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You should call Lowes Customer Care. They make sure that these type of issues get resolved, and they are really appreciative of any feedback from customers. 1-800-44LOWES (1-800-445-6937).


You're a sucker and the dude that said you should complain I would punch you in the mouth. Lowes would not take the hit they would have taken it from the installer.

This is what happens with the big box stores.


you should have just complained to the district manager you probably could have gotten it all free for your troubles.


No...Carpet was Stain Master Plush depth variety.


Was the carpet a berber?