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Lowes does not back shoddy workmanship by their subcontractors!

Purchased carpeting for entire 2nd floor in my home. Lowes installed In August 2013. In January 2015, I noticed carpet was bunching in hallway and one bedroom. Called Lowes and they refused to fix because warranty was only good for year. After several calls and complaints, an email to their CEO and Several VPs got somone out to look at it. They restretched in 2 areas and I thought my problem was over. Well now the carpet is bunching in the three bedrooms. I called the original installer and he wont come look at it. Said He is no longer their installer. I called Lowes and they refuse to fix it. They sent a letter to my home via UPS stating they fixed it once" as a one time courtesy" and they will make no further repairs. I am on mu own and they consider the issue closed. Buyer beware! Lowes does not back their work! I wouldnt have them install a light bulb at this point! #Lowes shoddy workmanship
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So tired of whiners like you. It came with a year warranty. You knew it.


Ur a Troll


At least your Lowes brought the carpet with them to install. My story is they ripped out the carpet, went back to the store and it's out of stock.


I'm with you...the home improvement chains are nothing but glorified warehouses. Avoid their installation services like the plague.


Thanks Bob. I feel ur pain!


You had, and knew you had, a one year warranty on the installation. Yet you still bitched and whined until you got your way. Grow up and pay someone to come out and fix it.


Pretty funny trolle.


Sorry, you are having issues with your carpet, it is definitely a result of not using a power stretcher when the carpet was installed. This a common complaint with both Lowes and Home Depot, but it not limited to just them.

Also, it is a lack of institutional control by the carpet manufacturers, who could requiring some carpet installation standards be met when selling and installing their products.

Also, you may not realize it, but you probably over paid for the carpet as well.


My opinion is probably not going to matter much, but it one carpet customer listens and demands a proper installation by their carpet installer, my day has been made.


I agree. Manually stretched not power stretched.

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Lowes Carpet Installation
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Poor customer service
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Lowes - Carpet Installation Review from Indianapolis, Indiana

We bought carpeting from lowes with their installation. The carpeting had a one year warranty with it. The carpet got to the point where it looked like it was worn. Lowes came and took pictures and called the manufacturer . They suggested cleaning it professionally, which we did and it never helped. I went back to lowes and they promised to contact manufacturer. I still haven't heard anything and I've been back numerous times and the person that's taking care of it is never there and they'll have him call me. So now I do all my shopping at Menards and Home Depot.
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Lowes Carpet Installation
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Bad quality

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