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It really sucks that we are forced to use them as they are the only large hardware store in town. Home Depot is more than 30 minutes away-the drive is feeling shorter every time I visit Lowe’s. As I have renovated my father’s home over the last several months I have spent thousands at Lowe’s on roofing, composite decking, plumbing, wiring, appliances, etc. Today I went in to pick up some insulation and a miter box table. When I got up to the...
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Anonymous How are you coming out ahead by getting a refund because of an equipment malfunction? Sound like you will have to drive 1/2 hour to Home Depot and 1/2 hour back. Hope the extr...


Anonymous If I may?
I looked, there are several locally owned stores that sell many home improvement materials within 5 - 10 minutes of the Lowe's. Perhaps giving a local merchant a...

First I have to say I don't usually buy at lowes, I spend $130000 to $160000 every year in supplies and I usually use Home Depot. I just move my business to a differebt area and decided to give it a try. I went to Lowes in Princeton, Nj. Walked in, almost empty, I was like:good for me. Expent almost 30 minutes cutting a mirror with an old guy, slow but polite, I have no problem, grabbed a couple tools, when I go to checkout only one lady is...
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There is a cashier in the Garden center at Camp Creek store in East point, called " Latrell". I'm a very loyal, repeat customer and she is the only employee in the garden shop that is ughhh... Irritating. She doesn't greet you initially, looks at you when walk in like you've got 3 heads. Ask her a question, she gives you an attitude in half. When she checks you out always acts like she's doing you a favor and looks mean, unwelcoming, no smile....
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I liked
  • Variety and quality of plants
I didn't like
  • One cashiers attitude

Lowes Cashier Review

lowes food store at Old OakRidge Rd,Greensboro,NC that young cashier who are not respect to elder people who are handicapped or deaf that no matters what younger cashier try to steal their food stamp EBT card by swap in 2 -4 times of more amounts that is wrong. young cashier supposed to be respectful and courtly to elder people in next time.
I made a purchase at Lowes on Commerce Palms Drive, Tampa, Florida 5/20/16. I purchased a stacking rocking chair from the back of the gardening section. It was dirty but was the cleanest of the others. I brought it to the cashier, and she said its a lovely chair but its filthy. I told her all of the chairs back there was in that condition. She gave my daughter windex and a paper towel and told her to get started cleaning while I was getting the...
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