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I just learned that lowes changed brands for flooring products from Laticrete to Mapai.

as much as this doesn't sound like a big deal. I got screwed. I ran out of grout during a 900sf

tile project. Went back to lowes to pick up more grout and learned they don't carry the

Laticrete product line any more. There is no direct cross reference from Laticrete Mocha to Mapai brand.

Lowes could of told me they were doing this two weeks ago When I bought the remaining bags of

Mocha Laticrete. but they didn't. So I purchased the 3 bags they had, thinking I can come back and

get more as needed. Now I'm Screwed. Lowes cannot (or will not) order me laticrete 1500 sanded grout.

apparently Laticrete bought back all of lowes supply from their stores..

what sucks about this , I now have to order the product on-line and pay 16 dollars in shipping for a

13 dollar bag of grout...#lowessucks!

if they would of told me this (which I'm sure they knew) two weeks ago when I made my color choice

I would of went to Home Depot and bought the Mapai brand to start.

Lowes flooring department is bogus!!!

don't use them...


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They do not tell all sales employee's of such events usually, they find out day of some times. so don't take it out on them, and second off they usually always tell you to OVER buy and return then to just assume you got enough.....


Did it occur to you that maybe the sales person that was helping you at the time of purchase didn't know that they were switching over.