Reston, Virginia
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Lowes is charging for water bottes $13.99,if you return a bottle it is $6.99.I got rid of my water

cooler and brought my empty bottles back and

was told that they are worth nothing.They said

it is not a deposit but a promotion.I paid $7.00

for those bottles and I don't care what they call

it they need to return my money or give me store

credit.I call it stealing.

Then to and insult to injury

the customer service representive said I did not

know what I was talking about because he owned

a package store for many years and there is no deposits on water in Ct.My family also had owned

a package store for years and if we charged a fee

for a bottle we would have to return it.

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I'm sorry you all seem to have a issue with this, but the retailers are correct, it's not a deposit, the water bottles cost the $13-14 each for pre-filled. The 6.99 is a DISCOUNT price because when you return the empty you get a COUPON. This is not a deposit which would be mandated by the governmental body of your locality and marked as such on the receipt, and be mandated to be returned when the container is.


i called primo - they do not have a "deposit" for the bottles, but, yet, Lowes says that it is a deposit. DON'T BUY PRIMO BOTTLE WATER. I am marking the 3 bottle i have, with this story, and putting them on the top of my car, and drive all over Altoona, central PA, State College, etc., so everyone can see them.


they are a rip off


Thats better then other places that charge you $11.99 for an empty bottle. basically no mater where you go you are buying the bottle either full or empty.

Just sell your empty bottles to someone else.

Problem solved. This is not that difficult to understand.


That response is ridiculous.


I just had the same bizarre experience. The customer service person could say nothing other than point to a sign saying you can't get a deposit on non-deposit items. Except I paid the deposit, with no proof since it was years ago and I exchanged hundreds of water bottles in the interim


I had the same experience at Lowes yesterday. Just another ripoff.

If you took the time to read the fine print on everything you bought, you wouldn*t buy it.

And The Donald wants to lower the tax on business, who do you think is going to make it up? You guessed it, the same suckers that are getting scammed with all the fine print.


Ronald McDonald Trump and his crew of lackeys and sheeple


Having the same issue with Walmart. They do charge DEPOSIT, but will not buy back the bottles.


Primo water does the same thing. I am going to lose $13.00 for two water bottles. They don't have the sign that you don't get your money back for the bottles or a phone number to call to question it!


Please Contact Primo Consumer Customer Care by Phone at: 1-866-429-7566


Just called them. Typical libtard doublespeak.

We do not charge you for bottles so we do not refund the money. Well, you did not give them to me for free.

And the *** who does not think that the $7 does not make one rich, you are right, $7,000 would not make me rich or poor either but this is some messed up business model!!! I am going to raise it with the corporate Walmart and see what they have to say on the issue.


Old Jack Meehoff Buthurt over $7. Don't worry, Ronald Mcdonald Drumpf will be sure to take your bottom once again!


Well... our economic based on lies.


For anonymous calling people names... you most likely are the CEO of Primo stealing money from people...

no matter how minimal it seems to be to you... guarantee if some kid stole your childs lunch money.

.. you would be the first one to *** and whine about that


It's obvious to me he is working at Lowe's for a reason... Primo has been charging deposits for years...

And I agree... they stole everyone's money...

They made hundreds of millions of dollars just by changing their company policy.... a class action law suit should be filed for every that paid the deposit and cannot get it back...


stop crying fagget. 7 bucks is not gonna make u rich


As a women I have never been so upset when trying to purchase bathroom merc. Over 400 + I was spending.

As a women I ask a ? All these men standing around look at you like your fricken from outer space. You feel like your invaiding a macho man cave and how dare I be there. I will not now not ever step into that place.

And they kept our deposit when I returned a primo bottle. If they don't want the bad reputation from customers then get rid of the product that is making lowes look bad. I called a news station to check where our money belonging to customers going to.

Home Depot returns they're deposits. Shopping there.


Not anymore they don’t


lowes sucks and anyone who works there is a *** loser, they lie and have a lil lowes cult and would fight to the death or suck a *** if lowes told them too.