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Lowes is charging for water bottes $13.99,if you return a bottle it is $6.99.I got rid of my water

cooler and brought my empty bottles back and

was told that they are worth nothing.They said

it is not a deposit but a promotion.I paid $7.00

for those bottles and I don't care what they call

it they need to return my money or give me store

credit.I call it stealing.

Then to and insult to injury

the customer service representive said I did not

know what I was talking about because he owned

a package store for many years and there is no deposits on water in Ct.My family also had owned

a package store for years and if we charged a fee

for a bottle we would have to return it.

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lowes sucks and anyone who works there is a *** loser, they lie and have a lil lowes cult and would fight to the death or suck a *** if lowes told them too.


This is the Primo company scam not Lowes. Lowes is jut the one left 'holding the bag.

Still, if you go to the Primo site, you'll get an offer to buy the tickets you get when you return the bottles at the store ....

for a dollar each plus up to 50 cents for postage (still stealing 5.00).

Unless someone wants to start a class action suite for us victims, the only thing we can do is not do business with Primo and let others know what scammers they are.


yes bottles are worth 6 dollars when you exchange them for another, but when you no longer need them you have to get a ticked and then send them to Primo water and they only credit you $1.00 per ticket so what happened to the other $5.00 that the bottles are worth. The same kind of thing happens with the Rhino propane tanks when you first get one it cost you 39.99 when you do the exchange for a full tank you only pay 19.99. when you dont need the tanks anymore they tell you just to leave it and you get no credit for the tank, so what about the 20.00 that it was worth when you do the exchange each time????

@carpet man

I got 3 Poland spring bottles. I got at shop rite 5 gal juges no longer do I need that type of bottles.

We put a filter system in the house. I once got 5 gal at BigY in Guilford ct. They had a rack that you could just push the bottle through and get a ticket for the return. The go to service desk and get cash.

I check the bottle law in ct. No deposits is required for bottle over 3lt. So. It's like if your hey propane you return a empty bottle you the your deposit.

What the *** is this5gal water depoite. Don't give you back your deposited Poland spring. And shop right. I'm going to contact nbc 30.

And a state rep...... Getting screwed.

A deposite is a deposite. !!!!!!!


I purchased a primo bottle also from walmart. Took it back today and was told my coupon was not worth any cash.

I usually get mine from either Giant or Homedopot and they have bottle rental just like walmart had said.

There were no signs anywhere saying that is the cost of the bottle and not a deposit so I will be spreading the word to all or I will simple do like "primowaterblows" and drill holes in bottle and see how well that would work for them. It's mine right and I own it, correct?


I got ripped off as well... I bought Primo water from Wal-Mart in 5 Gallon bottles.

I was told by the cashier when I purchased the water, that all I had to do is return the bottles and I would get a ticket from the machine and I could exchange the ticket for a refund for the deposit price of the bottles. (I purchased 7) I used 6, returned them, got the tickets, brought them to the cashier who now says they have no cash value. I "own" the bottles. So, I thought about it on the way home.

I'm going to drill *** on the bottom of every bottle I return, I "own" it. So, I guess I can do as I feel before I return it.


It is out there in small print granted but I think its assumed if you spend $7 extra to get something the first time its a deposit which is refunded when you return the bottle. If every other company such as poland springs, deer park etc etc does it then will refund your money why won't premo because they want to be different. End of story I will use those bottles for coin saving before returning them for nothing and buy water from them again.


Lowes has nothing to do with the deposits on the water bottles. Lowes sells the water for Primo and the coupons are given by Primo.

Stop complaining.

This world is full of so many complainers. People are never happy and have to complain about something, its sad.


If Lowes charges a deposit on the bottle and later on you return the bottle undamaged, al;l logic dictates that the deposit should be return to the customer. It is clear and obvious that you work for Lowes or, you like been ROB.


Home Depot returns deposit for bottles. I expected the same from Lowe's, now I've got 3 bottles to throw out.


Sams Club in New England has a 4 Gallon spring water bottle no deposit no return its GREAT


It is a deposit that should be returned just like a keg deposit. If it is not refundable that should be clearly spelled out otherwise it is a deceptive business practice. By the way, the "service" is filtered tap water at $7 for 5 gallons.


Listen up. First off, it is a service to you.

You want water for your machine, you purchase one bottle with water for like $14, then when you finish that one. You bring it back to the PRIMO machine, it spits out a coupon for you to get a DISCOUNT on your next purchase of a PRIMO water. It is PRIMO and Lowe's working together to help you out. Instead, you *** and moan about it when you could just got without water.

Lowe's also offers other waters that you can buy and not exchange. YOU also bought a product (WATER) that was in the bottle.

@Another Lowes Worker

You have no common sense - I guess you just love being ripped off. Your sad.

If it was fair - Lowes or Primo would have a BIG sign that says the bottle deposit is not refundable.


It's not a deposit. If you bring back your old bottles you get a COUPON that takes the extra money off of your purchase of a new bottle. It is NOT a cash refund.


So lets do your math. Water $5.00, deposit $6.00= $11.00.

Bring the bottle back. Water $5.00.

The store owes you a dollar and you get free water. Is that right?


@lowes knows

Why do you post a website that doesn't exist?


Your'e right, you are stealing from Lowe's!! It is a promotion, not a deposit promo!

I LOVE it when you guys come into my Lowe's store!

Read some of my other posts @ pissed off consumer. One thing you folks need to learn how to do as well, if you are going to complain is, PLEASE learn how to spell and use correct grammar!


I do the same as PrimoWaterBlows except I totally break out the bottom of the bottle with a hammer. Gives me a little stress relief and NOWHERE on the ticket or machine does it say that the bottle has to be intact when returned.