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Lowes cashier overcharged me on my receipt at checkout and could not refund my money had to see customer service and they would only give me a gift card for their mistake. Lowes should be aming to please their customer and be glad someone in this economic hard times is there in the store buying to begin with and not one of these stores who is going out of business.

I f this keeps up they may be filing bankruptancy. I would like for this store to be there for the consumer instead of out to see how much money they can gain by these types of practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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Why could they only give you a Merchandise Credit at CS?

There are only three reasons I know of:

1. You paid with a Gift Card or Merchandise Credit

2. You had no receipt.

3. (most likely) you paid with a check.

If it was 1 then so what who cares. You got back what you paid with.

If it was 2 then just go get your receipt.

If it was 3 and it was the same day, the cashier along with there supervisor(head cashier or higher) could have refunded the whole sale and re-invoiced the sale, on the same register. You would have had to write a new check, but that is because the wrong amount was written on the old one. This can only be done on the same day and requires a mangers approval(To keep the honest people honest). If the error was noticed after the day of the sale, you have to wait 15(sometimes 8) days before you can get cash back.

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