Tyler, Texas
Not resolved

Tried to purchase items from clearance email rec'd from company. following email exchange w/ their c/service:

Rec’d email clearance offer today. Shopped, added items to cart. Two attempts to check at approx. 0800 hrs CDT U.S. using Lowe’s credit card failed. Error message “500” and lengthy code sequence appeared on screen. Gave up knowing I could come back to cart since items remain in cart for “up to 30 days”. When I returned, two of the items in cart had changed in both price and quantity, specifically they had gone back to the regular price (I presume) and from 4 ordered to one. A phone call (actually it took 3 tries to get info to Lowe’s associate) to cust service and someone is now working on the problem. However, a third attempt to check out with the remaining items once again produced the “500” error and no sale. Therefore I have copied/pasted the error message below for your information.

Let me know when problem is resolved so I can complete order

Mr. Terry L. Combs


I apologize for any technical issues you may have experienced while shopping online with us. If you are using Internet explorer this may be contributing to the issue you are having. You may reach our Sales team at 1-800-445-6937 for assistance placing an order.


So the most popular browser is the problem huh? If that is in fact true, one *** business model Lowe's has...The number one browser won't work on your dot com...Pretty amazing.

And as for customer service, someone in an office in New Mexico and I had a phone conversation wherein she was to call back within an hour...over four hours ago at this writing...

As of 36 hours and counting still haven't heard from cs rep I contacted (who has my number and actually called back during initial contact when call dropped...).

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