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Make sure that you confirm the availability of items at Lowes.com, online information is not accurate. When it comes to emergency appliance purchases, one doesn't typically want to wait 2 wks to receive their item.

If an item is listed as in stock at Lowes.com, it may not really be readily avaialble, but once you realize that, you have already incurred charges on your credit card. My recent purchase cost me an additional $400 and the 3-ring circus I went through to get everything cleared, was maddening.

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Making major purchases online is just an artard move anyways, unless you're getting a ridiculous discount. If you shop at a store, you'll have someone you can talk to in person that can be held accountable.

Buy online, and you'll spend your time chatting on the phone with people between either jobs or languages. Either way, your odds of getting what you want are slim.

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