North Kingstown, Rhode Island

I just tried to buy 3 brass fittings and 1 PVC fitting at your store in North Kingstown, RI. The plastic PVC fitting came up at $34.00 the real price was $.92. The cashier didn't notice the that the fitting was priced incorrectly which I find does not bode well for the customer. He then asked me to sign for them and I refused. He then said I had to sign and then get a refund and then get charged for the right price. In the case where Lowes is at fault I believe you should be able to correct an issue or any issue in an expeditious manner.

When your North Kingstown store opened I complained about your lack of expertise. The manager agreed and said they were working on it. I took my business to Home Depot. Recently I tried Lowes for materials for a deck I'm building and was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency and expertise of your second shift lumber person. I bought nearly $2000.00 of materials. That was a few days ago.

If I am to go to Lowes again I need to hear that my complaint has been acknowledged. I realize that I am a dot in the ocean but I must know if the little guys have some sort of recourse in these matters.

Herb Taylor

73 Mark Drive

North Kingstown, RI


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Unfortunately that's just how the computer system works... returns can't be processed on the main registers, and once you swipe your card and approve the amount the cashiers can't cancel the transaction. The cashiers think it's just as inconvenient as you do, trust me.


That's just how the system is set up. The main registers can't process returns; only the customer service, commercial, and garden registers can.

Once you swipe your credit card and hit approve, the transaction can't be canceled and getting a refund/price adjustment is your only course of action.

If it really was just a small pricing error like that, you should have no problem getting it fixed at the customer service desk. It happens all the time, and the cashiers think it's just as inconvenient as you do--mostly because we have to listen to customers complain about it even though we can't fix it...