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Our refrigerator is under warranty. The ice maker stopped making ice in both the upper and lower unit. We called Lowes and they have us the number for A&E. When we called they said the next available date was 8 days away on a Wednesday. We took that appointment and made it for 12 - 5. The day before the appointment we relieved an automated message to reschedule. When we called they said the next available was...8 days. I asked for a supervisor. They said they would escalate. We were given an appointment for that Friday 8 - 12. At noon I called. They said the guy called in sick and we had to reschedule...for 8 days. Then I received a call the next week that they are coming...onWednesday.

When the repair guy came, he seemed confused and spent a lot of time on the phone. After two hours he told me that he had to order a part which would be slivered to me. Then he scheduled me for available...7 days.

The parts promptly arrived. The next repair guy come out as scheduled. He too seemed confused and indicated this was the first time he worked on this model. He spent a while on the phone and determined that the first guy ordered the wrong part. He ordered the NEW part, and scheduled me available...8 days.

The day before the appointment we received an automated message asking us to call and reschedule. When we called we were advised that the part was back ordered and they would call us when. The part was available. A few days later we received an automated message asking us to reschedule again. We called and were advised next available was...8 days.

We advised that we were NOT going to take any more time off from work and asked for a SATUrDAY appointment. The lady on the phone want an appointment on a weekend? Are you kidding?... Anyway, she DID make one for today. And advised us the part had been delivered to us. When we go home we called them to advise the part was NoT here. They said it was...we said it was know how that goes. Anyway, they are now checking with UPS to find out where our parties s...and we still do not have our problem fixed.

By the way, during the course of all this we did call the Lowes store. A very nice asst manager said she would follow up on this door us the day after our problem was supposed to be fixed...we did get a call front a call center asking about our service experience, we advised as above. They indicated they would personally check on the status of the part and get back to us...within 5 - 7 days. We have not heard back from the since. So much for follow through.

We are now waiting for A&E to call us back and advise where the part is...with the expectation that they will then available....8 days....

What would YOU do at this point?

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I think I would call Sears since A&E is owned by them.

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