let me start by saying we have spent in excess of $5,000 with lowes in the past 3 years.The most recent was carpet installed 2 years ago by a installer who doesn't work for them any longer.1 year ago we complained the carpet was loose,they sent out a guy to fix it.(he said it was a poor install)now they want to charge us for stretching the carpet again and won't discuss any other resolve.At this point I think I want it all torn out and replaced and sue lowes.I won't shop there again.I hate home desperate but that may be where i have to go.

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wait, are you complaining about something that happened a year ago? Seems a little late for whining now.

People can't just keep coming to your house fixing your *** for you for free. Stop being so *** hard on the carpet!


if you look at the other lowes in the area you will just about get the same service since the mgrs are more worry about their big bonus than keeping a customer happy.

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