Mooresville, North Carolina
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My husband I were looking for a new countertop for our bathroom sink. We waited for 30 minutes for someone in the department to come and help us.

We finally got frustrated and got someone from another department to come and help us. Once we told them what we were looking for, they said that they could not help us.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lowe's customer service associates CSA (sales floor people) are expected by management to help out in every department in the store. However we are not cross trained in other areas, nor are we even trained in our "assigned" area of the store.

A 30 minute wait for help, especially on a special order like a counter top (bathroom vanity top or kitchen counter), sounds very common if it's not too busy.

At peak hours with one associate, covering another department while that associate is at a meal, and with phone calls coming in from cashiers and outside customers, and with Need Help? buttons sounding several aisles or more away, the wait is much longer.

Long story short, there are associates that care and want to help every customer with their purchase, however Lowe's is not making that easy.

It's a very frustrating and discouraging place to work a full-time job.


Why would you expect someone in another department to know how to order countertop? Do you go to the produce department in the grocery store and look for someone working there to wrap meat at the meat counter for you?

You would be foolish to order countertop from an employee that didn't know anything about ordering countertop. Ordering countertops can be a time consuming process and you may have to wait for your turn to come up...just be patient.

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