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Purchased $4000 worth of windows and doors, was talked into a guaranteed $4000 credit line to save 5%, so i applied and only qualified for $2000. No big deal, paid remaining $2000 in cash, payed bal owed the following week well before due date.

Purchased $8000 for subfloor(building new home) , charged $2000 (Lowes credit) payed the rest in cash, great right, payed it off the following week again well before due date. Had the Lowes credit card for about 2 to 3 months, all payments in full prior to due date. I needed 1 more window so went into lowes to purchase on the credit card and declined, turns out Lowes lowered my limit to $300 with no notice to me which just that lowered my credit score almost 100 points on my credit score. From 700 to 600 in a blink.

Called customer service and of course they are very sorry BUT due to periodic reviews there is nothing they can do for me and so much for the letter they sent somewhere explaining why it sucks to be me.

Home depot and Blevins here i come, appliances, flooring, lumber, lighting, plumbing, kitchen cabinets, sinks ,vanities, toilets, fixtures, interior doors and locks, landscaping, and the list goes on, you do the math. Sure hope this qualifies for a law suit, bet your hiney im gunna find out, would be nice to build my house for free, then who would it suck to be!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You don't have an account with Lowes, you have an account with an independent credit company. Most credit companies will review your credit from time to time and I would guess you may not have had excellent credit as you were only offered a $2,000 limit to start with.

I really doubt that their lower your limit caused you rating to drop 100 points. I think you will find the heavy use of your various accounts during your building project is what actually lowered your rating

to Anonymous #1466424

Um. No.

It did drop 105 points from this incident specifically and I DID have good credit.

There are no "various" accounts that I had, it was specifically this one or I paid cash. But thanks for your input.

to Anonymous #1466426

Not correct.

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