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I obtained a Lowes credit card fire the purpose of installing carpet. I was told by using the card I would get a rebate as well as a discount.

The price at the time I purchased the carpet was 800 dollars higher than what the associate quoted me in store and they were selling me the lowest grade when I was quoted fur the highest. I had to call the manager several times before getting my rebates and discounts refunded. To top it off they began calling wanting payments made before the theinstall had even happened.I refused to pay until the job was done and my credit took a hit. I will never shop at Lowes again.

When the credit card company began calling I ignored them until my carpet was installed. After installation I called them to make the payments that were due. They hung up on me every time I called.

They continued to call me 5 times a day hanging up when I answered the phone and my credit took even more hits. as of this Monday my card will be paid off in full and Lowes will not get my business anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Lowe's Policy is to have received full payment of installation (including product, and labor) before your install would be set up. To read that they were willing to move forward with you before payment was complete, from a company stand point show's they were more then willing to do the best they could.

Addressing the price discrepancy, because i wasn't there I am unable to give an accurate accounting... but what it sounds like to me, if just lack of education on the part of the associates. Please remember Lowe's as a company hires 100's of new people every week. Just for the sake of knowledge as well, Lowe's run on a very reliable yet extremely outdated computer system.

Its basic language is DOS. So many younger employees, have a real struggle learning to use the system.

Much like older individuals struggle to use newer technologies.

Above all im sorry you had a bad experience, but from the outside looking in, it just sounds like you are a miserable unhappy person, who no matter what would of been displeased.


Your credit took a hit because you didn't pay your bill on time. Lowes doesn't issue the credit card, a credit company does.

They have nothing to do with the installation, all they care about is the date of purchase. You need to stop living in the past where the small stores extended you credit.

It doesn't work that way anymore, they can't afford the risk and they let the large credit companies issue credit cards with the stores name on them. Never ignore the credit companies if you want to maintain a good credit rating.