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If you have a Lowes Credit Card the bank that they use is GE Capital Retail Bank according to the "Employee" on a Rip-Off Report Rebuttal Report Number 1140625. This bank that they use is the most "Evil, Corrupted & Vial" Corporation out there. If you would like to see just how corrupt they are you can go to this website pissed consumer look of Review Numbers : 483913, 397877, 403826, 408105, 478478, & 483025. If you don't want to read my post you can view the actual documents from This Evil Corporation.

This bank has changed its name four times now. The names it has gone by are, GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank & the new name Synchrony Bank.

If the You Tube Video attached cannot be viewed you can go to the video on You Tube put in GE Capital Retail Pay Pal & look for the Green Snakes you can see the actual comments made by this "Employee" along with what I think of them in cartoon characters.

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And as you grow up bigger you will learn that all banks are not much different ;)


Vial? I think you meant "vile".... wow


You have way too much time on your hands .. Cartoon characters, really? You must be 45 ,single ,and living with your mother ...