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I opened a Lowes Credit Card and the associate made the zero interest sound like the best way to go. I've learned my lesson.

You are hit with an absurd deferred interest charge when it ends. So much for paying over the minimum to get it paid off faster. The interest hits and takes your balance up higher than your original purchase. When you call and ask them to help you out they tell you sorry you should have been aware that the promotion was ending.

Bad business Lowes and the company that holds the credit card. I cannot believe this practice is legal. Believe me, if I tried pulling something this I'd be in jail. To all those thinking about getting a Lowes Credit Card think again.

Definitely don't take advantage of the zero interest as you end up getting screwed. You're better off to go another route.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Read any agreement before you sign it. The no interest promotions are all the same.

It's right there in black and white. It will tell you there is no interest if the purchase is paid of in XX months. If the purchase is not paid in full within that period of time accrued interest will be applied. They even tell you what the balance of the interest is in every bill you get.

The agreement also tells you what the interest rate is, and it is usually well over 20%. It is a very legal agreement, and it works well for people that abide by the terms of the agreement. NEVER buy products on a no interest promotion if you don't have the money available to pay it off.

There are many lower interest options if you need longer term financing. You only have yourself to blame for not looking at what you were agreeing to.


Dear Jesus. Do you really think they are offering zero interest out of the kindest of their hearts? No, they are banking on schmucks to somehow still not pay their bill despite having it spread over many months.