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As a long time lowes customer,I am pissed off at the way Lowes has cut my credit limit from 2500 to 990 an then last week cut to 490.I have never been late or missed a payment in 16 years Ive had my card.SO WHAT UP LOWES YOU DONT NEED MY MONEY.I always paid above my minimum payment but not any more. when it paid off Im taking my card to my local store an cut it up in front of the store an give it to the people at service desk an be sure everybody hears me when I say LOWES SUCKS

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I have had my Lowes card for 25 years. The due date on our bill is the 10th and that is when I pay it.

When I went online to pay last month the due date had been changed to the 7th and they had charged me a late fee. I received a letter in the mail saying I was in default and they were raising my interest rate. The rate was outrageous as it was! I called and canceled the card.

Now they are reporting that as bad credit to the credit bureau. ALSO, I paid my bill online a day early this month and I just went and saw that they had charged me a late charge and had not applied the payment.

I have the confirmation e-mail, but it is ridiculous that I have to fight for Lowes to be fair after 25 years! Thanks're building something alright..a bad taste in people's mouths.


did me the same way, cut my credit limit down to what I owed. Had my card sent 1984 credit was $5000


Apparently your credit was slow


Bell76 it is called a "Lowe's Card". Yes it is actually a GE money bank card, but because Lowe's has put there name on it, it is a Lowe's card.

If Lowe's put there name on a card that gave all customers free computers with every sale, but it was really a card back by say Dell or Compaq Lowe's would be the hero because it is a Lowe's card. You have to take the marketing bad with the marketing good.


What you people dont understand is that Lowe's has nothing to do with it. It is the Ge Financing company that is responsible for this. You going in and cutting your card up in front of everyone just makes you look ***.

1 single mom

I unserstand your frustration. Lowes unexpectedly closed my account (with an $18 balance) in January.

They said it was because of negative reportings from Equifax. Untrue. I contacted Equifax, obtained a copy of my credit report and there is absolutely no negative reportings whatsoever. I am rebuilding a home for the third time in 4 years (from south LA, finished remodeling in 2005 3 months before Rita hit, flooded for Rita, flooded for Ike).

Each time I purchased the bulk of the materials from Lowes so one can only imagine how much was spent in their store.

Never had a late payment, always paid more than minimum payment required. I guess they are recession proof because they didn't need my money!!!