Dyersburg, Tennessee

I wad charged twice for a purchase. I was credited months later but in the mean time the deferred interest was not credited to my real purchase. So now I got smacked with all of the interest from the original purchase because they will not allocate to the original sale!

I have called over and over..they said some one would call, done one would send me a letter and no one has done either!

I'm going home depot! I'm paying of this rip off credit card and cutting it up! I'm sick of broken promises by Lowes.. they don't know the meaning of customer service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #605074

You and the rest of the *** brained people on here blaming retailers for the creditors, I don't get it. It's not like Lowes is having their in store employees contact you or when you call, you are getting the person at the store you purchased from.

You are reaching GE Money/Credit. You may want to post a complaint there.

And the same thing will/would happen with Home Depot, just remember if it does, to complain about the creditor, not the retailer, ugh. If you do not understand credit, you should not have a card in the first place.


The problem isn't Lowes, it's you contacting Lowes when you should be contacting the bank that owns/operates the Lowes credit card. All major retail stores operate this way, their credit cards a owned and run by a specific bank.

Major retail stores offer a credit card for guaranteed repeat business not for interest rates, the bank gets all the profits from interest rates. If you search Home Depot you will see recently someone complained about their credit system, that person also did not understand it's owned and operated by a specific bank and not Home Depot. CONTACT THE PROPER PLACE, Lowes can do nothing for you, THE BANK CAN.

So next time before you get all pissy try understanding the full situation. So many people get angry at retail stores yet they have no clue where the real blame should belong like the bank who runs the credit card or the manufacture who makes the product.

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