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The bank that backs these cards are a joke. You make a payment 2 days after the due date in the same month its due ans they charge you $40.00 but it does not show on your bill or online!!

So you keep making your payments and all of the sudden you have $200.00 worth of late fees! This company should be ashamed they are taking advantage of their consumers and hard working people!! Did my 48hrs really hurt them financially????

After my account is paid off I will never ever use or recommend Lowes to anyone!! HomeDepot here I come!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Where are you going to go when Home Depot's credit company charges you late fees when you pay your bills late? Quit being a deadbeat and pay your bills on time.

If you would have taken time to look at the information that came with the application for your Lowes account you would have seen right there in black and white that they would charge a late fee if you didn't pay on time.

There is a good chance your interest rate went up as well. If you can't handle paying your bills on time you shouldn't be opening credit accounts.


All credit card companies are the same, you dingbat. Pay late, you get a late fee.

What makes you think whatever company issues Home Depot credit cards is going to be more understanding?

No, 48 hours does not hurt them financially, it helps them because they can charge you a late fee. Moron.



Most likely you will have the same problem with Home Depot when you pay your credit bill late.