I bought some plastic totes on sale online but ordered them for store pick. I went in to the store and the lady at the front desk was not the friendliest employee but seeing its the month of December I just thought maybe they have been very busy.

She called someone up to bring my totes to the front for pickup, the lady came with a cart full ( I got 24 of them ) she acted as if it was a nuisance for her to help. She said nothing when she walked up except abruptly "did you sign the form" I had no clue what she was talking about but asked, and she told me I needed to sign a paper before taking the items. At that moment I decided to contact someone about her unfriendly behavior, I wanted to ask if there was someone who could help me get the totes in my truck but I didn't dare ask for anything after having to deal with her. Before leaving I asked the other girl behind the counter what her name was and her title.

I did see her badge said Robin but I wanted to be sure. I was told her name was Robin and she was the manager of that department. It is no wonder that Lowes has several rude employees if that is how they see a manager act. It really is a shame, I so enjoy shopping at Lowes.

You have so much great stuff at decent prices but for this very reason I have started going to Home depo. I have to tell you, they really have great customer service, as soon as you walk in the door there is someone to say hi and they act as if they really appreciate having you there. It is amazing the difference in customer service. Their prices are a bit higher then Lowes but overall I would rather go there if I am treated better and spend a little more money.

This is not the first time I have experienced this at Lowes and I bet it wont be the last unless corporate office makes big changes in the way they train their employees and require managers to make sure it happens. I don't know how Home depo does it but they make it work. I in no way write this to get anyone fired but in hopes to bring it to some ones attention how customers are made to feel while buying from Lowes. I work with a very large group that employees 3000 people, customer service is top priority and it is stressed on a daily basis on how we need to treat customers so I expect that if the company I work for can do it then any one else can.

please I beg Lowes, do something about this so I can continue to shop there. this was the Lowes Home Improvement 354 S College Road Wilmington NC

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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