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Ok im going to start this off by saying i will never shop for anything at lowes again. I bought a washing machine and it turns out that there's a recall on it I understand that is not Lowes problem it is Samsungs problem.

So they make me buy a new washer before I can get my old one back which is ridiculous because how is that any of their business what I buy I should just get a refund. Well I wait over 2 months for my washer to come. They bring my washer at 6:45 in the morning. I was at work so my wife was home sleeping and they came without talking to anyone first.

So they ring my doorbell and Beat on my door with their clipboard. My wife said for atleast 30 mins. She was not going to let 2 strange men in at 7 in the morning. They were very very rude.

I woked for home depot for years and if we did that we would of got fired.

I will be talking with a Lowes manager about this. You do not come over without talking to someone or anything and then beat on someone's door for over a half an hour that early in the morning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I expect you wanted them to pick up the old machine rather than taking it to the store. They aren't going to give you credit for the old machine till the have it in their possession.

You chose to purchase a new one and have the old one picked up when the new one was delivered to avoid bringing it to the store or paying to have it picked up. This was your choice as was ordering a new machine that wasn't in stock and had to be ordered. They also don't pick a random day to show up at your house for delivery. They will set a day and a time range such as morning, afternoon, or evening.

You had a morning delivery set up and obviously got the first load out and had assumed they would show up later in the morning. Your wife obviously looked out the window to know that there were 2 "strange" men at the door. She should have been able to see that there was a big Lowes truck there as well. Why would she assume they were there to do her any harm as you if you are to be believed had been waiting for over 2 months to have your new washer delivered.

It seems like she was the rude one for not answering the door for 1/2 hour.

You also know that you claim of them banging on your door for 1/2 hour is a huge exaggeration as well. I can pretty well guarantee that they would have been on their way to the next delivery if no one had answered in 5 minutes as they don't have that kind of time built into their delivery schedule.