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Poor service. Waited about 30 minutes to talk to someone in Building Projects.

Just one guy at the desk where people do all sorts of time consuming special orders. I ran into Allen, a Lowes associate by the glass cutting station and asked him for help. Allen advised he works in the gardening department and did not know how to cut glass. He pointed me back to Building Projects.

I told him that there was a line there and I'd already waited 30 minutes.

Allen stated, "sorry I can't help you" and walked off. Lowes, the correct answer is, "Let me find someone that can help you." Or at least find someone to help the poor guy by himself at Building Projects.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Consumers keep demanding lower prices and about the only way for stores to lower their prices is to lower their cost of doing business. They can't cut the rent, taxes, electrical, heating and cooling costs, etc, etc.

One of the few things they can control is the cost of payroll and to do that they cut staff. Just as you wouldn't expect the employee in the produce department of a grocery store to go back and cut meat for you you shouldn't expect everyone at Lowes to know how to do everything. If you are looking for service a big box store is not the place to be shopping.

Go to a glass shop or Ace Hardware for your glass. Just be prepared to pay a little more foe the service you will get.