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Went to Lowes in Statesville, NC to purchase Shark vacuum cleaner, went to appliances and seen there was only the floor model so I looked for someone in appliances, the lady was waiting on someone else, so I waited for at least 6 minutes and she never even acknowledged That I was there (terrible customer service) I then went to customer service in the front of the store and had them see what other stores had the vacuum and was told that Troutman, NC had 3 of them, so I went to Troutman,NC, went to appliances, the sales person looked and said they had 3, 2 were on hold and the 3rd one was the floor model that she could not sell! Why in gods name did they not tell me that in Statesville instead of having me waste my time driving to Troutman?

Then I was told that she could look and see what Moorsevill,NC had, I was so mad by then from wasting a whole dam day trying to get a vacuum cleaner that I told her to forget it as I was not driving to Moorseville just to be jerked around again!

You usually can't find anyone to help in any of your stores in the first place, I have had so many bad experiences in trying to get help in any of your stores that it is disgusting! You should be ashamed that your customer service is so pathetic!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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