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during the last lowes promo there was a discount for the holiday weekend. I needed a stove so I went to your store number 4707 in Goldsboro nc.

I found a stove I liked and since I saved so much and was happy I decided to buy a dishwasher which I liked. during the sale I asked the salesperson if this included installation I was told yes but they would not disconnect the old units. I said no problem. I removed the units, delivery date came and do to the possible hurricane and fowl weather they had to adjust it.

not a problem. not your problem beyond your control. they showed up when they could and i'm fine with that, they delivered the Items and asked me to sign, I look in my kitchen and the stove was plugged up and pushed against the wall,the dishwasher was still in the box. I told them it was suppose to be installed according to their salesperson they said they didn't do that.

I contacted the local store and was told due to the in climate weather no one was available to talk to I contacted Lowe's headquarters and was told I would hear from a manager within 24 hours. never received the call I contacted the store and was told a manager would contact me. no contact! I called the store again and was put in contact with the assistant, assistant manager in charge of light bulbs would be my guess!

once again I explained my issue and said I will get back to you. Yes no call! I tried again and was given the assistant manager in charge of parking lot cleanness and was told Paraphrase here "dude your screwed come in pay us $75. and sign a contract and we will get to you when we can".

I continue to ask to talk to the "store Manager and was told he will get with you if he can! I still have not talked to that manager. After my last conversation where I was told basically your "*** out of luck" i told him yes there is something you can do come pick this up! his answer was ok!

here is the only cudo bright point in this store! the next day I received a call from your pickup manager Brandy! you need to remember her name you need to fire your store manager and about 3 of your department managers and promote her. She contacted me and told me she was the pick up and delivery manager and she was given a work order to pick up stuff.

from the last moron I talked to. she was polite and cor- gull she asked how she could work with me and I told her this long crap story. she asked if she could take a few minutes and get back up with me. oK NOW A HUMAN WITH HALF A BRAIN WITH SOME CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS.

she contacted me in less then 30 minutes and told me sir " we are very sorry for the information you were given at the time of sales and we don't really know why you were told that but Lowe's of Goldsboro does not employ plumbers or electricians that can install dishwashers or washers we have to sub-contract to local professionals and we have to pay them an additional service fee and sign a contract". Ok lets walk through this whole process if at time of sale the salesperson would have stated this $75.00 is not to much to have a new appliance I am happy with, if anyone of the 4 managers in charge of air circulation in the store would have gave me the same information instead of telling me I either payed the money or I was screwed, If the store manager that was never there would have called and said " hey lets fix this, here is the deal!"but no it was the delivery manager BRANDY' that talked to me like I mattered and they cared and would help with my issues. the main problem is that goldsboro is a medium small town and lowes is the main hardware store. and their attitude is we don't need your money!

let me inform you about customer service and how it works in a small town. I'm retired disabled Vet I work on base I have 5000 friends on facebook, I am well known in this town and half the town knows me or someone I know. yes lowe's is the biggest game in town , but Delmus hardware is a small hometown family store that sells all the nuts and bolts , paint glue and whatever house repair you need, Babcock furniture sales any appliance you could use, we have 3 different garden stores that sales any lawn and garden item you need. we have a builders supply for big deck and stuff builds.

your not the only game in this town! I am on a crusade since your store manager or the other 100 assistant managers could care less what your customer wants or needs as long as they get a paycheck. I will use facebook snapchat, personal friends and contacts to tell them how little you care and how much they would be better off using one of our family customer based companies . I have avoided sending this complaint because I have been furious over this buy but tonight I decided i'm not going to get any cooler.

if you want to rebut any of this feel free my contact info: William H. Tennant, Tsgt Retired disabled Vet Usaf, Goldsboro NC.

27530 919 921-2177 you will see a lot more post from me on facebook, instagram, snapchat and on a daily basis I have a job where i'm in contact on a personal basis with at lest 100 locals. May I suggest promote Brandy and fire the rest of your idiots!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Customer service.

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You express what the rest of us only THINK about saying and *** ! Go get 'um Sgt.

and God bless you ! The down side, they really don't care, but let them know anyway. Most (not all, "Brandy" seems to actually take pride in doing to assigned responsibility; most just want to keep the pay check coming on time and do as little as they can without getting let go.

I too have run across a few fine, ethical, hard working people at Lowe's and other companies.... typically they are the ones who are NOT promoted.


Just a hunch , you have 5k friends on facebook and you will bad mouth lowes because you are trying to get something you didn't pay for. all your friends probably say you are a loudmouth *** .


Sound like you like to exaggerate a lot. You spoke of talking to a couple of assistant store managers in the beginning of your complaint but were on a crusade against 100 by the end of your rant.

Often department managers or assistant store managers can handle problems faster and more efficiently than a store manger can.

Besides everyone like you thinking they are the only person that can solve their problem, they have a whole slate of other responsibilities, especially when you are dealing with bad weather situations as well. My guess is that if you had started with the manager in the appliance department (who is probably who Brandy talked to before calling you back) you would have saved yourself a lot of frustration.