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It's apparent Lowes' buyers choose attractive products. That is the bait that kept my patronage, and it works as long as there are no problems. But when there are problems, Lowes has the worst ever customer service. This is not limited to one incident -- every time I have to deal with Lowes customer service, it's a bad experience.

When I bought a refrigerator, the delivery man cut the grounding prong off the plug. When he came to resolve the problem, he left a deep scratch on the stainless steel door (which was never resolved). When I ordered a garden statue, it arrived broken due to inadequate packaging . I attempted to order a garden shed, but Lowes' staff were inconsistent when presenting specifications, so I took my business elsewhere. After a natural disaster in my area, I ordered a water heater and installation, but at the last minute Lowes did not follow through in this emergency situation. Then when they closed the Lowes in my town, that morning some of their employees were in front of the store, blindsided, because they weren't even told! This tells something about the company's ethic.

My advice to anyone shopping at Lowes, only buy it if you can see it and take it with you. Do not order anything sight unseen, do not depend on their services, and do not order off the website. They are not dependable and not customer focused.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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they are no good with customers or sub contracters. they dont care