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Just to let every one know Lowe's customer service is awful and their repair service is even worse in my opinion! They were supposed to complete my service request 2 weeks ago.

The repair guy came out and looked at my washer and said he had to order parts and would return to complete the repair the following Tuesday. Tuesday comes around and after taking the day off I receive a call stating that the tech called off and they had no one to complete my repair and would come out on Friday. I take another day off from work and low and behold I receive a phone call mid morning to cancel again stating that Lowe's is going to do a "buyout" due to the repairs being too costly.

Lowe's states they have to wait until they find my receipt and every time I call it is tomorrow, 2 days, Monday, etc. If you need appliances DO NOT go to Lowe's and DO NOT count on their warranty!!!‬ (Everything contained in this comment is my opinion based on my experience)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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LOWES does not due repairs, you are dealing with the manufactures repair person, has NOTHING to do with LOWES. You are actually lucky that they will be replacing your appliance, Be patient, it will come.