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We bought a tool box from Lowes 3 wks prior 2 xmas & was told by a lowe's associate that if in the next couple of wks the price went down, we could come back and recieve the discount in the form of a refund. It went on sale, I went back for the refund, the returns clerk refunded the entire amount back to my card and then tried to make me pay for the tool box again at the so called disc.

price which was actually higher than what we orginally bought it for. Well the refunded transaction didnt take place immediately as this was a Sunday and of course my card was declining as it was close to xmas and I just didnt have a spare 600 floating in my acct. They told me I had to bring the tool box back or pay for it somehow. We already had the box 3 wks!

I just wanted the 10% discount refunded to me. It was awful, we ended up writing a check that bounced because Lowes put it thru before the refund transaction posted.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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i am currently an customer service manger at lowes. this was somewhat the associates fault.they should always check the price too make sure it is actually reduced to the cheaper price and than do the REBILL-REFUND than again you went back two weeks later when our price adjustment is 7 days from original purchase..and for the refund it takes 72 hours to post back to your account at any store not just lowes as well as if it were a purchase.next time check your price and make sure you have enough credit line


Your grammar is terrible, and is a direct reflection on the level of *** customer service I have received at Lowe's in the past.


"Hello" is correct. Your grammar is horrendous.

(Capitalization, apostrophes, then vs.

than, too vs. to, etc.) I'm an associate at Lowes, and I'd like to hope that my managers represent Lowes better than you do.


Customer service did the right thing :p


Prices don't change on the weekends at Lowe's. The pricing coordinator works monday-friday. The ads usually drop on Tuesday/Wednesday. The associate had no way of knowing when the toolbox was going to be marked down. ***, the pricing people don't even know when and what prices are going to change.

It's a day-by-day thing. Corporate makes all of these decisions.

In any case, I would have checked current price of the toolbox before I got my refund.

Lowe's does what they call a refund-rebill. They give you a efund and then rebill the item (hopefully at a lower cost) to you.

However, I usually do a REBILL-REFUND. Refunds take awhile to post, so if you are using a debit card/check, the amount may not be posted to your account right away (expecially with checks-- they can take up to 15 days to post)

If the associate would have done a rebill-refund, you probably could have seen that the price was higher than what you originally payed for it.

You never would have payed for it if you would have seen that the price was higher.

Be a smart consumer and be smart. It's YOUR money, so make sure that you check your items before you buy them.

Retail associates aren't the brightest bulbs in the pack, let me tell you..

Good luck in the future!


When we bought the toolbox, it was so close to christmas that we didnt want to see that it went on sale right after buying it full price. When we express our concern about that to the sales associate, she said that if we buy it now, and if in a few weeks the item goes on sale, then to come back and they would refund us the difference of what we paid and the sale price.

So low and behold the very next week, a flyer came out stating that the very same tool box was discounted 10%. Well 10% off of 650 dollars is a lot of money, so when we went back to Lowes to get the difference, that is when we found out that the price had actually gone up on the toolbox,,THEN they discounted it 10%. So, the cashier, whom really didnt know what he was doing,,, neglected to tell me that in order to receive the discounted price, he was going to have to refund the ENTIRE amount back to our card and recharge us at the discounted price, which at that time was acutally higher than the original price we paid... The actual problem here is not the price, but the fact that they refunded the entire amount back to our card, and when they tried to rerun the card for the new price,, of course there wasnt enough on the card to cover the cost.

.. it was an unneccassary mess..


If the price was lower the first time, why did you even go back? I might be confused on what you are saying though.

It sounds like you said something like: the price was 5. After we bought it the price went up to 10. I came back and did a return and they charged me 8 on the resale.

Also, consider that the prices of bread and milk and gas and the stock market all very from day to day and can even very from hour to hour. It is great that this market is able to give you the best deal though time.


The discounted price WAS higher than what we originally purchased the item for because they jacked the price of the tool box after we bought it then put it on sale. This all took place right before christmas. I even confronted the manager about that and he said he didnt have any control over the pricing of the items....


"the so called disc. price which was actually higher than what we orginally bought it for. "

I thought you said it went on sale. How was it higher than what you originally bought it for?

I agree the software is broken on the return to Bank Cards. Id like to get in on the IT staff at Lowe's there are a few changes Id make to how the computer system works.


Ther are about 300 employees at my Lowes. and only 3 working. This store is in Harrisonburg, Va


my complaint is so extensive..so persistant is lowe's "quality' CUSTOMER SERVICE , that they've exhausted my tolerance...the story begins with the purchase of a refridgerator..which i'd purchased a 5yr warranty...they've sent repairmen...from their "contracted service"departments..3 times...and the fridge had destroyed the foods...much food....and now i called them again...and more time passes..and i again wait for them to show up..they'd told me that if the repairmen come 3 times they would replace the thing...well...untrue...because they told me ...according to their records..the repairmen only came once..i have a suggestion for someone considering lowe's as a source of purchasing a major appliance...be prepared to document...tape record..photograph..and take the dates down when they come...the repairmans name the copy of their work receipt..and just maybe......maybe you might be able to get something done...in the meantime...to: lowe's....the customer you deliberatly lose today will affect your shareholders just as badly as bernie madhauf did to the market..and the reverse effect of advertising will be your own shortcomings your own predestined performance of customer dissatisfaction.and lackluster behavior..


did you get anything in writing?

Man some people are not the brightest are they?