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Lowes has cut all salespeople sales commission and spiffs. Very sad for a fortune 50 company.

Corporate Greed will kill this company.

This practice killed Circuit City. Sears has cut commissions and sales have tank. Cutting pay doesnt motivate anybody. Accountants should never run a company.

Im sure this looks on paper. How much money can we save if we make this cut??????? How *** is this way of thinking?? Want should a company do to make more money?????

Pay a higher commisiosn. The employees will make the company more money.

Sales people WERE being paid a spiff by the appliance companies. Now Lowes has gone back to the appliance companies and TOLD them to stop and pay the commission directly to Lowes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I was in Lowes yesterday it was practically empty. They didn't have carts available because no one had gone to the parking lot to gather them, they had no music playing, no Christmas music in the few weeks before Christmas and many isles were unstocked.

The garden section was filled with Christmas trees that no one bought. The only place I can ever get good service is in lumber.

This is the Lowes on Aurora in Seattle. I felt bad.


I could not agree more that Corporate greed will bring this company down. Morale is so bad at our store because of cutting staff and not hiring new help.

We are a busy store and get 2 trucks a night at least twice a week but they only see their bottom line. They expect us to do more with less and less people.

And then they wonder why our customer service scores are so low. HELLO!


I had an interview at Lowes, and when I told her I could get to work by 7:15am because I would have to take my daughter to preschool, the Human Resources lady practically ran from me.


I tried to get a customer service position at Lowes. They expect you to be there at 6 AM to work a low paying job.

When I told Emily, the HR person, I could drop my daughter off at school pre-care at 7 AM and get to work by 7:15. she practically ran from me and I never heard back form her about the job.

Retail is the slavery of the 21st century, and I will only shop at Lowes again as a last resort.


If the store opens at 6:00 they need people there to help customers. Don't think they are going to change their hours to fit your schedule.

You need to look for jobs at companies that have hours that fit your schedule.

It's not Lowes fault that they are open earlier than you want to work. I expect if they had later shifts available you would say they are too late to pick up your daughter.


Not only they below happen....they would move my husband to a comminssion position to cover that area....he sold more flooring and refrigs.....but he had to give up his commission to the young boys who were called "specalist". He sold cabinets - did cabinet CAD drawings for years....cover that area and all the commision went to the person that was a "specialist " in that department.

They would work him to death...actually he did die after being worked to death while the young boys and girls would hide and be on their cell phones and two girls sleeping in the hay tractertrailer while on duty....I could go on an on. thank you what do I do against a company like Lowes?


My husband had been employed by Lowes part time then full time. They worked him 8 days straight- different shifts - no continuity.

Then they would give him one day off. He was a cancer survivor and they knew this. Back in may I was at the store when he signed up for Lowes Benefits. Life Insurance, Short Term, Long Term insurance.

His department director and specilaist helped him do the computer part, while I stood there watching. On Novemeber 26, my husband answered the managed call for a "bugging run", of course, the young boys - the specialist were hiding, my husband worked so hard, carrying heavy drillwall, flooring, clean up messes in the back, etc. He had no help from the young boys. Acutally a young boy dropped a roll of carpet on my husband a few days before my husband went on his last buggy run.

He dropped dead, dont know why, cause lowes wont realize tape, did he get dizzzy because of not breaks, did he trip over the multiple carts, who knows. He died right inthe parking lot and the day of his accident HR and Lead Management came to hospital telling me not to use the BCBS through them, it would be "worker's compensation". He died 3 days later with 4 clots to his brain and his heart gave out. I got the workers comp cards in mail.

I tired to get onto his Myloweslife and called HR at store to find out why it was deleted. I couldnt see paystubs, benefits nothing. My son took me to Lowes after the funeral home to check on his life insurance. HR manager (who never did her joh right, always had to stay on top of her) said my husband had on short term and long term disablity.

She did not or Lowes benefits department did not take his health (50,000) out of his paycheck is what they told me. I got home and buried my husband. Two weeks later I called the workers comp company 5 times. Finally got a person - she said he did not qualify for workers compensation "he was a sick man" "I was just giving you time to grive".

YEP that is what they did to me. I got an attorney, they have not responded. I quit college, which I had two semesters to go, to go back to work for nothing and I have no time off to go to physic. doctor to get over my grief and lose.

37 years together and he died while at work at Lowes. He would hurt so bad. Nobody would help him. He covered so many departments and would be given a break 6 hours into his shift.

He would tell me that he would go on "buggy runs" so he could catch his straight and breath. He hurt so bad when he came home. The young boys would be so weak and drop things on him all the time. His zone manager would make a mess or the specalist would make a mess and my husband would be told to clean it up.

They tortured him. He just wanted me to get through college. I dont know how he died? They say he didnt complain of anytype of pain that day.

He was "just fine",but no one will tell me what he was doing. Clots hit his brain and he was brain dead after 3 days and "my lowes family" has left me. I went inthere and they couldnt even look me in the eyes. They loved my husband.

He got employee of the quarter just before he died. He worked so hard for Lowes and where are the benfits> benefits department has messed up so many times as I found out by calling and getting the pre-recorded message. Another older man died at the same story just months before my husband. A young kid 18 just started and from no help lifting cement and bags of garden items is having surgery from his anal area falling out.

Can someone let me know what to do. Why did they cut me out of Myloweslife so I couldnt see my husband's benefits? They cut my health insurance off effective the day he died.

My daughter called and let them know it was agaisnt the law, they had to let me have COBRA. What can I do?


I worked for lowes 2 1/2 years (all as a specialist). I worked in appliances for 1 year and loved the spiff program.

I left Lowe's just in time because 3 months later I found out from my friend that they had stopped. It is sad, spiffs made a big difference in our paychecks. Lowe's will soon realize that this will hurt the specialty departments. There is a reason that specialist have that title.

A customer doesnt just come in and automatically know what to buy, an associate has to know his product in order to convince the customer. Its the difference between gaining or losing a customer.


i worked for lowes for a great 5 years. i actually left about 6 months before the spiff program was dropped.THANK GOD!..

i workd on a "mainline" store .. some may be losing 10k a year in spiff.the store i worked i would have lost about 50-60k in spiff. luckily i adjusted since i left before this but one of the 3 that were still in the appliance dept already said he had lost his house and is living in an apartment and STEALS on a regular basis now. LOWES,you may not have noticed but their sure are a lot more SEALED/NEW tools on EBAY these days.i don't agree with stealing but GREED is contagious and spreads like a plague.i doubt their will be a LOWES within 10 years with this move.we have a few words for the employees you now have...ORDER TAKERS...

folks might as well just plan their own kitchens and cross their fingers.when i [planned a kitchen and sold the appliances and all ...the ENTIRE PACKAGE...some folks would ask for my personal cell phone,and i would give it to them{and yes a few times they would cal me on my day off and i would help them}..I THOUGHT THIS IS WHAT IT MEANT TO BE A SPCFAILIST?? going above and beyond what was asked for by the company.no where does it say to engage that far with the customer,yet i would. why?.. yes ,sure ...of course the money...but it wasnt just hat.i cared and i would give folks my word that the job would be done if i had to deliver it myself..{which happened as well on many occasions}..you would build such confidence with folks that even for a can of paint they would come back to the appliance dept just to grab me because they knew that i wouldnt mess their order up BUT EVEN IF I DID...that i would fix it!!!

the whole TO MAKE A MORE EQUAL WORK ENVIRONMENT IS A LOAD OF ***.i would have guys that were just hourly tell me that the very reason they didnt become specialists ,even though the money was better,was for that main reason...they did not want to have to worry about the customer after they rang them out.ORDER TAKERS.they took your order and good bye. i wonder everyday how many 10k appliance sales walk out the door or are canceled and not fixed {so to "save the sale"} because the employee was just on register for 4 years and now today is selling you his first 10k kitchen!...GOOD LUCK LOWES!!... in closing- the 5 years i worked their were fun and great...now when i go into that same store...its a joke..pure and simple...i asked the flooring guy just 3 questions and i already realized how far lowes has fallen.

also i remember the SALES TEAM always saying that good times like that couldn't last forever and eventually somebody's greed would ruin it.DONE!

no reason at all to make this move except for quick pocketing of money by folks who already are rich..same game,different name...but always the same.


"Yes they cut spiffs but you forgot to mention that they also have consistently given annual raises to all full time employees, and they revamped they pay scales this year so some got as much as double digit increases." Lowes kept the money for themselves after taking the money from the specialist! And not all full time employees received annual raises and those who did got about.25/hr raise!

The only ones that got good raises was upper management! And I heard that load that they where cutting spiffs to make everyone even, BS! They cut the spiffs from the specialist and kept the money for themselves plain and simple. They keep coming up with more and more work for the grunts while looking for new ways to get even more work from them.

Lowes looks for ways to remove top name brands so they can replace it with cheap junk with there company brands keeping even more money in there pockets. They work everyone to death then want you to repeat that every single day like you have not done anything for them if you don't. Moral is low and all they can do recently is tell us that if we do not get out there and sell sell sell the company will go under! They do not train anyone and exspect us to basically train ourselves with the excuse that it is our responsibility to be in control of our own career.

They want us to take time away from the sells floor to check email and to look up ideas on the company website. But as soon as you do the managers tell you to get some work done and that you do not have time for that. If you are not checking it then you need to make time for it! They place full time positions then take them down and change it to part time positions so they do not have to pay benefits for those employees.

And the fact is they do not value hard work as there are full time people that do not do much of anything and part time people who are there every day busting there hump and never get anywhere. Associates get 1 week notice for what there hours will be but if you want time off you must give them 30 day notice. They only want us to go out and become more knowledgeable on our time so we can make them more money while we make nothing more in return. It is not just Lowes but many retail establishments that are bleeding there employees dry and when they are done they throw them away like a dead battery.

The company does nothing to support jobs in this country because they are to busy purchasing *** made in China so they can make maximum profits and return little to none of it to the employees that earn all that money for the company. Once in awhile they will throw us a cheap little BBQ and act like they are doing so much for everyone. They also take back used stuff and merchandise for almost any reason even if it is used or broken or not complete then loose money on it. They will spend money on technology acting like it is going to make them money will paying the associates as little as possible.

They spent a ton of money on over price iPhones that do not work right and then didn't upgrade the wifi in the store so that the iPhones would work correctly and not drop calls. They offered wifi even though it opens up security holes making it easier to *** the stores servers. Lowes doesn't stock the proper product or in some cases doesn't stock the product at all. You can not make money when the product isn't on the shelf.

Then they cut hours from those who are trying there best to make sales then the customers end up going elsewhere because they can not find help. Mmmm sounds like a problem that customers where having with a place called Home Depot a few years ago.

Lowes only cares about how much more money they can rake in even at associates exspense. As long the share holders and the CEO and top brass are making money to *** with the actual workers that do the work that make the real money!


Yes they cut spiffs but you forgot to mention that they also have consistently given annual raises to all full time employees, and they revamped they pay scales this year so some got as much as double digit increases.


Yes they cut spiffs but you forgot to mention that they also have consistently given annual raises to all full time employees, and they revamped they pay scales this year so some got as much as double digit increases.


its been the theme of the decade. greed, greed, greed.

I no longer get upset. i find joy sending customers to sears or the depot. I dont spend my check at lowes no matter how sweet a deal. and taking home some severence merchandise in my special pants makes me smile.

my manager doesnt even care. He hates lowes too.


now i have 2 new job titles. order taker & smuggler.

everyone needs to loot their store. lets make this company crash.

3yrs and still stockpiling. thanks robert!


I worked for Lowes for over 7 yrs in the appliance department. I truly loved my job but I simlpy could not pay my morgauge and feed my children with a 30% pay cut.

After about 2 weeks of job interviews I fould a great job at a Mom and Pop appliance store. I might acutlly thank Lowe's for helping me find this job! No more crazy hrs...just 9 to 5. I'm not expected to do anything else but sell appliances and service appliance customers.

Thats all this store does. My advice to any one who is still working at Lowe's in the appliance or Kitchen Cabinet departments is that better jobs are out there!

Lowe's has always said that no one is irreplaceable...well I say that Lowe's is very replaceable! Get out there and find a better job and lets show Lowe's that they were very, very wrong!!


View LOWES FORKLIFT TRAGEDY(FULL VERSION)posted on you tube.........


Continued..Open Letter To Lowes CEO Robert Niblock Where Did The Millions GO?

By wheretohide | Posted 4 hours ago | North Carolina

Continuation of Open Letter Mr Niblock..

Not only did Lowes cheat their specialist by cutting their spiffs/commissions without notice Lowes has decided to tell the Specialist their specialized knowledge is as equal to anyone else at Lowes. Please do not tell us you do not know you are creating a hostile work enviroment. To tell you the truth Mr Niblock you could not help a customer design a new kitchen, new countertops, new appliances, new toilets because that is not what you are paid to do. Most managers of Lowes cannot help a customer design a kitchen, sell an appliance, sell a toilet etc..it is not what they are paid to do. Lowes is big on spouting off about mentoring other employees..Most (not all) other employees do want to be mentored by anyone! These employees have sold specialty items at times..i.e. refrigerator, countertop etc only to have the customer come back upset because the product was not entered correctly, the additional items needed were not offered, the size of the product was not right and so on...yet these employees do not want to learn how to do the job properly they just want to make the money...That is not what Specialist do!!! Specialist follow through with the customer from 1st contact until the item is delivered..That is why you paid your specialist commissions!

Lowes has stated they want to become more internet business. You can't!!! Someone who is building a kitchen cannot design the kitchen through Lowes.com. Someone who needs a new bathroom cannot get that new bathroom through Lowes.com. Someone who needs appliances may be able to order them through Lowes.com, however, did Lowes.com tell them they may need their countertops cut? Lowes.com DOES NOT talk to customers your employees do!! Lowes specialist talk to the customers who order through Lowes.com who return products because they don't fit, the customer didn't know they needed this or that...your specialist do! Not only do they speak to those customers they calm the customers down and do the orders correctly!

Lowes always shows the value of their employees by continuing spending millions of dollars sponsoring Jimmy Johnson and Nascar racing! It is truly sick to believe You Mr Niblock would rather spend money on Jimmy Johnson than Lowes employees.

In conclusion Mr. Niblock you yourself make millions of dollars doing what you do..maybe just maybe if you tried to sell someone a stove or a new cabinet would you realize that you are not the bread and butter of Lowes but

your employees are...the employees you dismiss so impishly! You want Lowes to become Home Depot than change the sign buy orange vest and call it a day because that is what Home Depot represents in the Home Improvement Industry. Become the internet business you want to expand it will only hurt Lowes. Lowes.com did not and cannot and does not make Lowes.

Last but not least...Where did the specialist's pay go. If you have 10 Specialist per store and 1700 stores that equals 17,000 specialist minimum. 17,000 specialist who took a paycut estimated on the low end of $12,000.00 equals $2.4 million dollars Minimum...do we not have a right to know?? Were your acts legal?

All of this in the name of Lowes becoming one big happy family with employees you treated worse than the *** on the bottom of your shoes!

Mr. Niblock why don't you show you really care and TAKE A PAY CUT!! Take the paycut and don't tell yourself till three days before you implement your paycut...That is how *** your acts are and how much sense your acts have made! We hope your corporate office is not the hostile work enviroment you have created at your stores!!

@Lowes Is Morally Bankrupt

Amazing, I was hired knowing I would not get a commisson. Now all the crying thats going on here.

I get three weeks vacation, I have 133 days of sick pay as of this date.

I too am required to Sell as a specialist in millwork, Now that the company is letting the install departments go, means just more work for me.Yet I only work 39 hours ,I can all that I can do in 39 it makes the time fly. Grow a pair and get to work .


Mr. Niblock recently you changed thousands of peoples lives.

You changed those lives without any conscious decision on how you effected Lowes Specialist employees and their lives. You changed those lives without notice, without any morals, without any consideration of time and facts. So we have a question for you...Lowes never paid any of the specialist commissions/spiffs with their own money. You paid those commission with money from the manufacturers of the products Lowes stores carries and sells...What did Lowes do with the money from all the manufacturers?

Did you pay for the severance packages of your corporate office employees? Did the money go to the compensation of management cutbacks? Did the money go to you and your salary?? Did the money go back to the manufacturers?

We are not talking about a $1,000.00 here or there we are talking about MILLIONS of DOLLARS paid by manufacturers to Lowes to pay their specialist worldwide. So where did the money go? Was it the manufacturers millions of dollars that you refuse to pay the specialist end up in Lowes pocket for that profit statement in February?

In deciding to change Lowes and the employees lives you somehow left out any consideration of any specialist.

In February you gave your severance package notices to your corporate employees giving them time to adjust their lives if they chose to do so. When you cutout certain levels of management positions the managers were given weeks of notice that their position may be gone and they were also given severance packages. Yet with your specialist..the bread and butter of your stores you gave us three (3) days notices that spiffs/commission would no longer paid. By this action you cut the specialist income up to 30% in a matter of days.

You did not give us anytime to adjust our lives to this major pay cut. You did not give us anytime for our spouses to try and find a job to help with the pay cut. You knew last year in 2011 when the enrollment packages for benefits went out that you would be cutting the specialist pay, yet, by giving us no notice we enrolled in programs that deducts from our salaries. If we had known about the pay cuts we would have not signed up for the payroll deduction programs.

You did and still do not care!

One of Lowes Vice Presidents stated that Lowes was cutting the specialist spiffs so all of Lowes employees would be on even ground as one big family! The fact of the matter is they are not. Lowes employees are not a family you have created a hostile work place.

The employees who were not effected by the specialist paycuts are extremely happy the specialist lost money and they have no problem stating this fact. If you truly want the facts here are some facts...All employees in Lowes are not equal!!! Their jobs are not equal..their knowledge is not equal..their quality of work is not equal! There is a reason you call Specialist...Specialist..they are educated and decided to get educated on the products they sell so they can reap the benefits and the rewards for working hard.

Now what you have done is tell the employees who have no motivation to learn..to move up in the company..to educate themselves they are equal as workers as Specialist...they are not and THEY CHOSE not to be!! Cont' to the next letter...


The bottom line: Lowes does not value the hard work of their specialist which is evident by (1)Cutting their commission in half (2)Giving specialist three days notice (3)Knowing they were going to cut the commission at the end of last year when the benefit enrollment packages were handed out. (4)Stating they want all Lowes Employees to be equal and one big happy family!

So instead of asking the employees who are not specialist to take the initiative to learn and educate themselves so they can become specialist and earn more pay Lowes decides to take the specialist..cut their pay so the specialist can be like everyone else in the store. Intelligence at it's highest!!! Find a store manager who knows how to install a sink, build a kitchen, customize counters, sell appliances or build a house and everything that goes with all of this...you can'! That is why they are managers...corporate people, because they do not have the initiative to learn any of the above or they rather just be a manager which is fine...but don't knock the specialist who make your jobs easier!!!

Lowes is morally bankrupt. Way to destroy a company Lowes!!