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Well, I'm glad to see that this is a Lowes nationwide norm! I have bought three appliances from Lowes. A Maytag freestanding range, and two years later matching Samsung front loading washer / dryer with bases. The range had a banged-in side and the washer had a large dent on the front just below the power buttons. Lowes knocked 10% off the stove and gave me one of the bases free of charge.

My son has received a damaged clothes dryer (the third one delivered was the least damaged), a $1400 refrigerator with a big dent in back and scratch down one side, and yesterday a kitchen stove with the right side banged in.

I know several people who have received damaged appliances from the same store. The delivery people ALWAYS say it is the night crew who unload the tractor trailers causing the damage.

Does anyone have good stories about Lowes appliances??????

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Most damaged appliances are delivered to the store "damaged" Why they deliver damaged goods is beyond me. DO NOT Haggle with the delivery driver, Call the store directly and ask for an ASM or the store manager, stand firm and dont back down, they do have 'loaner' appliances while you wait for your new undamaged appliance to be dilivered.

10% discount is a slap in the face, dont settle for less get what you paid for. LOWES does offer good customer service you just have to squeeze it out of them.


Kasumi - No idea what unbowed means. If you mean unboxed or uncrated, mine were not until the truck was in the driveway.

My son's dryers and fridge were not.

The kitchen stove damage was found before it left Lowes store and they said it was the only one available locally and would take several weeks before they could get a replacement. They offered no discount to my son.


Actually, the appliances are probably damaged when they are loaded on delivery trucks, most of the appliances are unbowed right before loading, so any damage would usually be noticed.