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All I've been trying to get is an estimate. I want to get my deck rebuild and screened.

When the sales guy came out, he said they've never screened a deck and was going to check with a carpenter to see if there's anything he can do. So after 3 days he said he would work on the quote and would get back to me. He then said he couldn't have the deck built because they couldnt find the see thru roof panel sheets I wanted to use for a roof. He's full of ***, they sell that at their stores!

Then I asked for a second quote just to build the deck. He said he'd put some numbers together the following week. Mid week he didnt call and someone from Lowes called to confirm that he gave me a quote, then said she'd check on it. Well nothing.

so 1 month later after we met, I still havent gotten it. I wanted composite and I was honestly willing to spend over $20,000 to get it done. Sounds like Lowes didnt want my business. Home Depot is the best.

Sorry Lowes. you messed up and I'm letting everyone who's been asking about this project not to go thru you. He didnt want to give me a quote.

I'm taking my money elsewhere. Lowes your salesmen are costing you money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Deck Rebuilding Estimate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's obviously a project that is beyond the capabilities of their construction crews. Building a deck is one thing, adding a roof and enclosure is another.

You are obviously better off getting quotes from someone that does this kind of work rather than a deck builder. I sure wouldn't want someone with no experience working on my house.

You should be glad they didn't give you an estimate for work they aren't qualified to do. You wouldn't take your car to Jiffy Lube and expect them to do an engine overhaul.


Lol seriously? No where near a difficult project.

A new person at the store sure pass the quote to someone more qualified but to stump the entire company? That's a joke.