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My family moved into a new house in April, and decided to renovate the kitchen and make it a culinary chef's dream. Out first mistake was not going to a professional kitchen design company for consultation.

Instead we went to a shitshow of a place: Lowes. Things started getting sour from the very beginning with the in house interior designer was already getting confused with measurements. Mind you, she was the slowest worker I had come to know and had no respect for other people's schedules. Then, a few weeks later, they lost the kitchen cabinets (go figure) and blamed us for being impatient.

Those kitchen cabinets were to be installed weeks ago and there was no news of its whereabouts. We had to keep calling and asking for updates. We have been eating out of paper plates and ordering take out food…mind you having to wash kitchen appliances in the bathtub since we don't have a sink or an oven installed either. During the period of time Lowes lost our cabinets, which set the construction about 2 weeks back, there were some contractors from Lowes gone on vacation, so there was no one to finish the existing work that still needed attention.

The service and guidance throughout this entire project has been a complete nightmare, and they continue to delay the kitchen as we wait to unpack and start living in our new home. I am a person who is almost always empathetic towards mishaps. However, it has been too long, and the people working there have been causing so much inconvenience to my family.

I urge anyone remotely considering of Lowes for a big renovation project to avoid their services. It is honestly one of the most unprofessional and irresponsible companies I have ever had to deal with.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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