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Lowes Clinton Twp. Mi.

On 3-27-12 I paid for full price a brand new lawn tractor $2K. As the sales guy wrote it up I verified with him that this was new in the box and he agreed that only if I had needed that day might I have to take a floor model. I was not in a rush and said they could ship it anytime. On 4-1-12 tractor waas delivered and taped to the front was the sales invoice and in big bold letters was Floor Model and It was the floor model I sat on 3-27-12 I'm positive.

Delivery guys said I had to take it up with the store., so I called and the ast. manager I spoke with said that they had none in stock then so they sent the floor model and said they do this all the time. My repley was well you should have called and asked, I paid for new not a floor model.

I then asked what my floor price would be and there was no floor price, they did say they would exchange it for a new one when they get them in. What is this some kind of Aprial Fools, I waiting for them to exchange the floor model for the new one i ordered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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I had problems with Lowes on my mower purchase. I contacted corporate and ended up with a much better model than I bought.

Local Lowes do not care about your complaint, but corporate does! Contact corporate and see if the local Lowes gets an attitude adjustment. I had to go this route several times.

Now, Lowes take notice of me when I enter. I now get the service I expect as a consumer.


When dealing with high gas prices and limited time frames, deliverys are often made with product unboxed ( no hauling trash) . Just because you cant see the box doesn't mean it wasn't there.

A good way to make sure if you feel people would cheat you, is to ask the salesmen at the time of purchase that you want the items boxed or crated. Now remember, in certain cases, like 2k riding mowers, if you get a crated item it will be unassembled and you will need to go back to the store and purchase tools to put it together.

Which might be worth it, if you feel they have actually used the mower to mow any grass in the store. Also, you can also get a discount if you ask, since the packaging is always the most important part of a new purchase


I got to experience the "April Fools" joke too unfortunately but mine was worse :/ hahaha

I ordered 4 kitchen appliances and washer and dryer. When they delivered the appliances supposedly they have to open the items and check it at the site for liability purposes. After supposedly 2 people checked the items... they bring me a used washer, manufactured defect Fridge and a dented stove. On top of that the delivery guys assured me it was new product but removed the covers in the back of the truck like I’m a two year old that doesn’t understand what is going on. The only item that weren’t opened was the dishwasher and the microwave which was opened in front of me and surprise surprise the microwave and dishwasher were NEW.

Prior to the shipment I called and talked the manager at the store and he assured me that he personally picked the items. Yeahhhh picked the returned and defective to be sent to my house. Also don’t bother talking to store assistant manager because they have all the excuse in the book.

I went straight the District Manager/Marketing Manager and she is going to resend the appliance and also mentioned if they can’t delivery new items that I could take my business elsewhere. I demanded the stuff not be opened until it’s in my house and to not to waste my time/energy or their time. I will see what happens....

BEWARE other Lowes costumers when purchasing any appliance demand the item be opened in front of you and don’t bother trusting the third party delivery guys either because everyone is working together. This is not like a 2 dollar item that you should be cool about it ...I paid for new items… how hard is it to deliver that???