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I ordered 2 baseboard heaters for my home which i am renovating. I selected and paid for next day delivery, knowing it would get below freezing friday night.

(delivery should have arrived friday)

Nothing... So i call and complain... They say they do not understand why it was not delivered. But will refund the shipping of 24.99...

On top of that a store head cashier calls me, and tells me they cant get it to me until next week. In other words below freezing all weekend = no heat. Cold makes me have severe muscle spasms... So Lowes drops the ball on the personel level and blames it on a computer issue they have been having...

I would have ordered from home depot if i had known that... So now i have to go all weekend freezing temperatures no heat...

My anger and frustration at this company knows no bounds at this point... As i will be spasming up all weekend...

Monetary Loss: $24.

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Lowes only guarantees next day delivery on major Appliances and delivery on those are free. Other than that it is really the first available day that they can get the delivery out to you.

However, if you explain that you really need something the next day to the Head Cashier or manager, they always will make sure that it will happen for you. At my store anyways. Especially something quick and easy like two heaters in the box that are pretty much a 5 min drop and go.

So I find your story largely unbelievable.


Ordered a refrigerator from Lowe's which was actually good deal. My local store was called and we were assured it was "in" and ready for delivery.

Day before delivery we get a call from Lowe's saying "it's not in" due to some "computer issue" kicking it out but they'll order a new one. I get it... problems happen...

but my real beef is that I was charged the day I ordered it 3 weeks ago and I still don't have my order. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!


In the time it took you to create a profile and write this complaint you could have driven to Lowes and picked up the heaters since they fit in a car. Plus it costs 65 for delivery from Lowes, so 24.99 is shipping, you can't get overnight shipping on stuff like that.

Why is it Lowe's or anybody elses fault that you waited till it got cold to shop for heaters? Take at least some responsibility for

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