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While trying to coordinate the delivery of our replacement dryer (first one was broken), we have been struggling with their delivery people. First, they told us it will be there within a time frame so we planned our day around that.

They call back during the day to say they're ahead of schedule and will be arriving hours before their given time frame....so we missed that delivery. Scheduling the next delivery we were told that they will be delivering the dryer after 3:30. This was great because I cannot be home until after 3:30 on any given weekday. They called at 11:00am saying they were outside my home and won't be coming back at/after 3:30 as arranged.

The next day...the same damn thing. The manager of this 3rd party deliver service won't bother to call me and I've left 2 messages. Throughout the ordeal, I spoke to Marcus, Stephanie, Jessica, and someone else....no help whatsoever...just false promises!!! I then contacted the Lowe's manager here in Indian Harbour Beach (Sue) and she was very understanding and was trying to assist.

She put in a call and guaranteed the deliver on the next business day at/after 3:30. Guess what? ….they tried to deliver the dryer at 8:00am and of course wouldn't return at our arranged time. This time they said that I didn't leave a gate code....uhhh, what gate?

They were trying to claim it was my fault....we have no gate and no one within 10 miles of us has a gate....total ***

I will NEVER EVER order anything that has to be delivered by Lowes again. In fact, I just called and will now be returning both the washer and the dryer with my middle finger up as I'm leaving the parking lot.

Screw you Lowe's Delivery!!! Home Depot...my business is all yours...never had a problem with them at all!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Investigation into your Delivery Service complaints and create better policies and procedures. Very disappointed in Lowe's for this..

Lowes Pros: Store manager and customer service at store.

Lowes Cons: Delivery service and their customer care, Delivery people suck, Delivery service tell you one time and come hours early.

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Actually, they do have delivery people - hence, the Lowes truck and personnel wearing Lowes uniforms.


no they don't. it's a pretty well known fact.

giving someone a shirt to wear is not the same as handing them a Lowe's paycheck every two weeks. They put Lowe's stickers on the trucks too, but if you check the DOT number on the truck online you will see the truck is owned by a third party, and the people driving it work for that third party.

Menard's and Home depot do the same thing. I know, i've worked for two of the three.


Actually, most Lowe's are not third party delivery. I know this because my husband is one, who receives a Lowe's paycheck every two weeks, and driving an actual Lowe's truck that he himself picked up 6 years ago. Not all "pretty well known" facts are actual facts


Actually... All Lowe’s stores use a 3rd party delivery service.

It’s been that way for a while. The OP even states so in their complaint.


Depends on the store. Most do indeed have their own delivery personal. The trucks these stores use are owned by the company.


All appliances from All Lowe’s stores are delivered by a 3rd party delivery company, whom employ their own personnel, and use their own trucks. All Lowe’s does is schedule the day it is to be delivered, and the delivery company does the rest.


Hence your an idiot


Lowe's doesn't have "delivery people". They contract with the cheapest delivery company they can find. What did you expect?