Linwood, New Jersey
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Customer service
Price Affordability

Sold me a product they didn't have. Even called and confirmed the delivery date of the product twice.

Received a third call from them then saying they were out of the product and would be able to deliver it until the following year sometime.

Wouldn't even sell me a comparable product at the same price which they are obligated to do. Won't shop at lowes again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Where do you get the idea that they are obligated to sell you a comparable product at he same price?


Do you actually think retail stores make the products they sell? They gave you a delivery date based on when the manufacturer of the product said it would be shipped.

At some point they were informed it wouldn't arrive till next year. Lowes has no control over manufacturing or shipping delays (check the news, West coast dock workers are slowing shipping on ships coming in on the west coast).

If you ordered the same product from another store that had to rely on delivery from the same manufacturer do you think it would get to you any quicker? Wake up and join the real world.

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