Lowes has the worst customer service EVER. 2.5 years ago we purchased a new matching samsung front load washer and dryer.

Purchased the 4 year extended protection plan for the just in case something happens. Well my Samsung washer is now broke so I called to have lowes send out someone to repair the washer. The nice polite guy comes in runs some diagnostic program on it and found out was was wrong. He worked up his cost for the repairs well it came to over 300.00 and lowes service co says well the cost is greater then 300.00 so the washer isn't worth the repair.

Lowe's then says we will issue you a credit for the cost of the washer plus tax. The problem I have with this is the washer was purchased during a black Friday sale so we didn't pay full price for the set. So now because both lowes and samsung will not cover their product I now have to come out of pocket more than 400.00 to get a new washer not only that but I have to wait 10 business days for the credit and then another freaking 14 days for the washer to be delivered to the store then we can schedule delivery. WTF kind of customer service is by either company.

We purchased samsung because we have never had issues with them before on their other products that we have purchased and we have spent thousands at lowes on home repair things and appliances.

I'm not looking to get something for free but when something only last 2.5 years I would THINK they would want to make things right. Screw lowes and samsung I will not shop there nor will I buy another samsung product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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If you had taken time to read the service contact you purchased you would have seen that the limit of their liability is the PURCHASE price of the machine. They are holding up their end of the agreement.

As a consumer it is YOUR responsibility to understand what you are purchasing. Don't complain about the retailer because YOU didn't take the time to read your service contract.


Frustrating for sure. Unfortunately products can break, even though you expect them to last a lot longer.

In the retailer's defence, they are providing you with a credit towards a new unit. Without an extended warranty, you'd be handling the entire cost yourself.