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This is my first review in a long time. I feel that other people who are looking to order a vanity double sinks ( this is what I ordered) product should hear about my experience.

I placed my order (in store- Leesburg) on October 12 and I was told that by October 25th my product should be in store for pick-up. I went back to the store not on 25 but one week after (all this time nobody bother to call me) to see what's the status of my order. Unfortunately, my product wasn't there and nobody had any idea what's going on. They started to call, or at least they pretended that they call, the company that was supposed to send the order.

Well, no answer bla bla bla, and the message " sir we are going to call you once we get a call back from them......." I was very upset and for inconvenience they gave me 10℅ off, promising that they will try their best to have my product in store asap. After about two weeks of waiting , Lowe's called my wife and told her that the vanity top should be in store in about other two weeks. Of course I didn't get anything at the time Lowe's said once again. They offered me money back few times but I wanted the product because I liked the design of it.

I went back again and spoke with another store manager and she was kind of bothered by my upset attitude (wow- I want to see her behavior when she will wait two months for something that was supposed to get in two weeks ) The said experience with Lowe's ended by December 21, when I was call that my order is finally in store for pick-up. I didn't leave the store until I got 20℅ more off.

Two months and few weeks of waiting. Anyhow , from now on if I want something and it's not in store , Lowe's won't be my first option for sure .

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You seemed to be more after a discount rather than the product, the vendor is the cause of the problem not the store, so there should be no reason to be rude to customer service who have nothing to do with it.


Obviously you think they make the products they sell in the back room. Guess what....they don't.

You ordered special order products and they are totally at the mercy of the vendor. Do you really think they want to lose the sale due to delays? No, but the offered to cancel the order and give you your money back so you could but the products elsewhere if you thought you could get them faster. You chose to wait.

Seems like they did what they could for you. Yes the order was late, but it wasn't their fault the suppliers delayed delivery.