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I paid a delivery charge to Lowes of $59.00 for them to deliver 16- 8ft 2x6s, 8- 4x8 7/16 osb panels, 9- packs of 3 tier shingles, and about 6 -1lb boxes of assorted nails. The clerk asked me where they should stack it and I asked her to please have them unload it next to my storage shed, which sits back about 15 or 20 yards from the driveway.

She said that would be no problem. Also Home depot has always unloaded my supplies there with no problem. I paid the delivery charge because I am 100% disabled and I should not be trying to lift and carry any of that. If I try to move any of that I suffer terribly for it.

I ordered the supplies on friday and the delivery came midday on Saturday. My wife and I were there to meet the delivery driver. He was planning to unload the supplies in my driveway. I explained that he was supposed to stack it next to my storage shed.

He said; and I quote, "We never unload the material anywhere we cannot back up to" I told him the lady who sold it to me assured me he would stack it next to my storage shed and that Home Depot always did. He said if I would help him he would put it there. I said I am disabled and I am not supposed to be doing that. He wanted my wife to help him.

So I helped him unload it. He was carrying a osb panel by himself and he was carrying a pack of shingles by himself but he needed me to help unload the truck. It made no sense at all.

And I am still suffering for it the next day.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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If you're disabled, what the *** are you doing buying building materials ? You're full of *** and just want something for nothing.


You don't have to build it. A brother or son could build a shed .


It's amazing to me the amount of people that reply to these posts that cannot put two coherent sentences together. It's very difficult to try and understand what some of these people are trying to say.


The charge is to pay for fuel, time to load product, ifta taxes, employee labor.etc. was product not able to be carried via all terrain fork truck on pallet? If not then standard to charge to hand carry per bundle/sheet by all lumber roofing building materials suppliers.


Delivery drivers and workers related to the construction industry often work very hard for relatively little pay. As mentioned previously, if you had explained your situation (politely) and offered a tip for his troubles, he may have been happy to help you out. In general, you probably cannot expect a delivery driver to have the time to do all of that work, let alone the will.


People amaze me,,,always wanting somthing for nothing..who in there right mind is going to carry that material 50 to 60 feet for nothing...if you would of said hey,,give you 25.00 to do it..***, he would of probrably done it...ask yourself what would you of done in his position.


I was just considering calling Lowes for a delivery. I am disabled and have also just had surgery.

My husband just lost his job, due to his disability. I am not going to be humiliated by being promised something by the SALES rep that something will be done by the DELIVERY Dept. Do anything to get the sale, once they have your money, nobody cares.

Do not need any more problems. Try and see if a locally owned business has the products I need, and will deliver them without passing judgement on my state of health, as well as keep their word.


I work for lowes delivery and I do stuff like that all the time I am not putting my name because they will fire me and I have to tell you that stuff gets old after a while you bust your but the coustomers complaine the hole time your at there house you kill your self to make them happy and for all your trouble you don't even get a thankyou to add to it your boss is on the phone to you all day long yelling at you we work 14 hour days with no lunch most of the time buy the way they take the 30 minute lunch from us weather we take it or not yes its illegal but if you say anything they just fire you so as you can see we have a lot to deal with so next time you about giving him a bunch of *** think about what it would be like to him for a day


Well you can do what I am doing - I bought a $350.00 door from Lowes and they wanted to charge me $79.00 for delivering it - I went across the street to Home Depot and am renting one of their trucks for $20.00 taking it back to Lowes - picking up the door and bringing it home - maybe they will get the idea :p


Most likely the delivery driver identified the fact that you are perfectly capable of carrying some boards. My amazing detective skills lead me to believe that you are not truly disabled. If you never, ever do anything but accept tax pay dollars then yes, you will be sore for awhile after actually getting some excerise.


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lol you expected this poor guy to carry all of those 2x4s and 4'x8' sheets of plywood and 9 bundles of shingles 15 to 20 yards by himself. He prolly has a wife and kids to take care of and your trying to injure him because some kid in the lowes store said they could do it. Nice.


As a Lowe's representative you should really perform a spell check on your responses in the future.


This is not standard pratice for a delivery.The sales assocate should have specified on the delivery direction the needs of the customer.As for the customer we do our very best to take care of you as long as we are aware of the situation.GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE is our primary goal.Espically in delivery.


Being disabled myself I understand the situation.


Here is my answer. When a disabled guy pays for delivery so he won't have to carry, he shouldn't have to.

And for the *** who made a judgment on how disabled the guy was. I am him. I'm a disabled American veteran.

You should try doing something for your country *** and stop judging people you never met. You get injured in the service of your country and see how you feel about carrying packs of shingles when you paid to not have to do it


I'm also a disabled veteran. I don't look disabled but I was shot then flipped in a tank and had my arms ripped off.

People judge all the time. They have no idea what a soldier goes through no clue what stress is.

I was paid 226.00$ a month before taxes was taken out. I would have tipped the driver but I wouldn't appreciate the the complaining.