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Extremely rude response from a salesperson I requested information from in the hardware dept. I felt I was bothering him .The second associate was in the paint department by the name if Celso who had no patience and a poor attitude.I have been a customer for over 9 years and the service was very poor and unacceptable.

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i'm guessing you probably spent a million dollars there as well and that we should give a ***.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #831634

SharkNasty, if any of Lowes' employees feel as though working at Lowes for $9 an hour and having to deal with difficult customers an issue then they shouldn't be working there at all. The customers, whether difficult or nice are truly the ones signing their paycheck so the customers definitely deserve all the respect and assistance.


Your life sounds rough. Try working at Lowes for 9 bucks an hour dealing with people like you.

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